Quay Street transformation Quay Street transformation

A number of initiatives were started early as part of the wider Quay Street upgrade project. These initiatives would improve links between the city centre and the waterfront. The first initiative was upgrading the entrance to Queen's Wharf.

Project purpose

Auckland Council’s City Centre Master Plan articulates a vision to unite the waterfront with the city centre. The Downtown Framework sets out the programmes that will deliver this vision, and has been developed by the City Centre Integration team

Quay Street specifically is referred to as a Harbour Edge Boulevard which can progressively change from a car-dominated road to an important meeting and greeting place.

Changes included:

  • Speed calming measures.
  • Increasing the amount of space dedicated to pedestrian and cyclists.
  • Limiting vehicle use to local traffic, service vehicles and cruise ship related activity only, removing port related freight traffic as alternative routes are developed.
  • Enhancing Quay Street’s role as a public transport route.

The first part of the project

Making it easier to get around on Quay Street

Since Queens Wharf was opened to the public in 2011, after being closed off for more than 100 years, it quickly gained the moniker “the people’s wharf”.

People flocked to enjoy this unique space in the city and over the summer months it is even busier with cruise ship passengers.

Safer access to Queen's Wharf

With more and more people using the area, a traffic safety issue has been identified at the entrance to the wharf.

Auckland Council, with Auckland Transport and Waterfront Auckland can make changes at the entry to Queens Wharf from Quay Street to improve the accessibility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

The changes can also make the wharf entrance area a more pleasant place to be.

The changes involved:

  • Removal of the Quay Street right hand turn onto Queens Wharf.
  • Removal of the traffic lights from the current vehicle entrance onto Queens Wharf which will only be available for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Relocation of the vehicle entrance to Queens Wharf eastwards which will not be signalised.
  • Vehicles exiting Queens Wharf can only turn left onto Quay Street.
  • Vehicles entering Queens Wharf must be traveling from the west, and must turn left off Quay Street onto the wharf.

New and clear signage can be put in place by Auckland Transport to ensure that vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are able to get around safely and easily.