Remuera red light warning marker trial Remuera red light warning marker trial

Auckland Transport (AT) undertook a trial of red illuminated road markers at the intersections of Remuera Road/Clonbern Road and Remuera Road/Victoria Avenue to see if red light running can be prevented.

We added a second trial site at Fanshaw Street near Daldy Road in April 2016.

Project status: Awaiting final decision from NZTA.
Project area: Central.

Project details

The Remuera Rd/Clonbern Rd and Remuera Rd/Victoria Ave intersections are located within 50 metres of each other within the Remuera town centre. The signalised intersections have high traffic movements and pedestrian usage. 

Over the years, the local community and business association have raised numerous safety concerns caused by vehicles running red lights at the intersections.

AT determined that the close spacing of the 2 intersections and their geometric layout caused confusion to drivers.

The trial involved installing limit line pavement markers, a LED technology, in the road surface to see if red light running could be prevented.

The markers were linked to the traffic signals and were:

  • Illuminated in red when the lanes were controlled by a red traffic signal.
  • Not illuminated when the lanes were controlled by a green or yellow signal.

The trial was an innovative and cost-effective solution that has been approved by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

See a detailed map of the intersections and location of the markers on Remuera Rd (PDF 260KB)

Trial stages

  • September 2015 - CCTV cameras installed to collect pre and post implementation red light running data.
  • November 2015 - Detailed design completed.
  • December 2015 - Road markers installed, trial began.
  • April 2016 - Fanshaw Street added as second trial site.
  • October 2016 to February 2017 - Post-implementation data analysis, trial assessment report submitted to NZTA.

After the trial ends

AT has evaluated the data and reported the findings and our recommendations for the use of limit line pavement markers to the NZTA.

We are waiting for NZTA's final decision on the use of the new device.

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