Ronwood Avenue and Davies Avenue intersection Ronwood Avenue and Davies Avenue intersection

The signalisation of the Ronwood Avenue and Davies Avenue intersection in Manukau is now underway. This project will improve access to the new Manukau Bus Station and enhance safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South

Project details

We have contracted Traffic Systems Ltd to install traffic lights at the intersection of Ronwood Avenue and Davies Avenue.

We kept the needs of pedestrians and cyclists in mind when designing the new road layout around the intersection. Improvements will be made along Ronwood Avenue between the Sharkey Street and Lambie Drive roundabouts to create a more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly zone.

Construction began in January 2017 and is expected to be completed by late May 2017. The ordinary hours of work will be from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

Contractors will contact affected residents and businesses directly if there are any changes to these hours.


  • Installation of traffic lights at the intersection.
  • New road layout to improve traffic flows.
  • Creation of new cycle lanes on the southern side of Ronwood Avenue.
  • New footpaths and grass berms created on both sides of Ronwood Avenue.
  • New road markings and signage to direct drivers.


The signalised intersection will improve access to Manukau Bus Station and the reliability of bus services in the area. The intersection will see increased use of buses once the new bus station opens in 2018.

This project will also improve road safety along Ronwood Avenue by realigning the existing road, improving local traffic flows. The new footpaths and cycle lanes will also improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The intent is to help create a vibrant, family-friendly city centre that reflects and celebrates South Auckland's diversity and encourages businesses and innovators to make Manukau their home. 


The Ronwood Avenue and Davies Avenue intersection project is funded by Auckland Council and the Government through the New Zealand Transport Agency at a total cost of $1.18 million.

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