Royal Oak roundabout upgrade Royal Oak roundabout upgrade

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing to upgrade the Royal Oak roundabout, to make it a safer destination to travel through.

Project status: Consultation - closed Sunday 6 October 2019, last updated 16 December 2020.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Auckland Transport is proposing to upgrade the Royal Oak roundabout, to make it a safer destination to travel through. Currently there is a high-number of crashes, and near-misses at the roundabout.

There have been 61 crashes in the last five years (2014-2018) within a 50-metre radius, this includes one fatal, one serious and 14 minor injury crashes.

There are also a high-number of near-misses, potentially daily, that go unreported.

We are committed to making safety improvements for all road users, and the proposed upgrade to the roundabout will help achieve this.

Royal Oak roundabout upgrade artists impression
Image: Royal Oak roundabout upgrade artists impression.

Project benefits and proposed improvements

  • Changes to the shape of the roundabout, with a new island design that directs traffic to stay within the lane, allowing road users to choose their lane prior to entering the roundabout.
  • Replacement of painted median markings with raised traffic islands.
  • Construction of raised speed tables from existing zebra crossings. The approach from Mount Albert Road already includes a raised speed table.
  • New road markings and signage before entering the roundabout, giving drivers more time to decide which lane to enter.
  • Safer, and slower environment for all road users, including vulnerable road users.

Royal Oak roundabout upgrade map
Royal Oak roundabout - Proposed improvements


  • 13 September to 6 October - public consultation.
  • September 2019 - November 2020 - public feedback considered.
  • Last quarter of 2021 - construction.

Public engagement

Public engagement on the Royal Oak roundabout closed Sunday 6 October.

Download the Royal Oak roundabout upgrade plans (PDF 3.1MB)

Download the updated Royal Oak roundabout upgrade plans (PDF 1MB)

Consultation outcome

We consulted from 16 September – 6 October 2019 and received 215 responses.

Download the public feedback report (1.2MB)

After listening to all the feedback, we are proceeding with the work as proposed and making the following amendments:

  • The building awning at #725 Mount Albert Rd will no longer need to be cut back.
  • After further investigation, the size of the planted area at the centre of the roundabout will remain the same and there will be some changes to the traffic islands at two legs of the roundabout rather than four legs as originally proposed.

We appreciate more transformative changes were requested through the feedback received, however we are unable to deliver a more comprehensive proposal as budgets across the Auckland Council family have been severely reduced through the emergency budget.

This proposal is an interim project to address safety at this dangerous intersection, before a wider plan will be investigated in the coming years to improve Manukau Road for all road users including those walking or biking under the ‘Connected Communities’ programme. More information will be made available about this programme in the coming years as the project is investigated.

This roundabout has an average of approximately 39,000 vehicles using it per day and as a Vision Zero organisation we need to make some changes now to improve safety for all road users.

Next steps

We anticipate the roundabout changes will be constructed in a 3 week period between 21 November and late December; we will be in touch with local residents and business prior to construction taking place.

The works will be taking place between 9 pm and 5 am. During this time diversions for some routes through the roundabout will be in place. Some traffic management will remain in place during the daytime for safety purposes.

While every attempt will be made to reduce the impact on traffic flow please be aware that delays are likely.

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