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Rural delineation programme Rural delineation programme

The Rural Delineation Programme (RDP) is a road safety programme that aims to provide a consistent approach to hazard identification across Auckland’s rural road network.

Project status: Construction (physical works)
Project zone: North/South

Project overview

The Rural Delineation Programme has been implemented with the aim to reduce the risk of death and serious injury across all Auckland roads.

The programme aims to provide a clearer and more consistent advance warning message to motorists when approaching hazards such as bends, so they can negotiate them in a safer manner, and the messaging will be determined by the severity of the hazard.

By changing how we display the messaging, we can reduce the risk of motorists misinterpreting the road environment on unfamiliar roads.


  • Reducing the risk of death or serious injury across Auckland roads.
  • Improving road messaging so motorists can safely negotiate severe road hazards.
  • Consistent approach to hazard identification across our road network.


The programme is partly funded by the Regional Fuel Tax.

Project details

To achieve the aim of the project we will be:

  • Rationalising the existing signs at applicable destinations.
  • Improving the signing of road bends.
  • Improving road markings.

Project stages – Cluster D package

This cluster includes almost 64 kilometres of Auckland rural roads in Rodney, Hibiscus and Bays, and Franklin districts which had 70 crashes resulting in death or serious injury reported between 2015 and 2019. Many of these crashes were due to vehicles losing control at bends. This adds to the 850km already improved as part of previous clusters across the region. 

See where we propose to carry out the programme:

Next steps

Site verification works

To minimise the impact of works on the stakeholders, AT’s Road Safety Engineer, our contractor and an independent Road Safety Engineer, will undertake site visits along the routes. This is to ensure that the impact of any signage at individual locations, such as signage that is close to property access, does not impact visibility of oncoming traffic.

Road marking upgrades

As part of the works, the existing road markings along the routes are being upgraded to longer life materials with increased reflective properties. This work is expected to be carried out in May/ June 2021 and is expected to be carried out until October/November 2021, depending on the weather conditions. This will improve the delineation along the route, particularly at night, and extend the length of time between road marking maintenance works.

Signage upgrade

The contractor will begin installing new signs at the same time or after road marking. This part of the programme is expected to be carried out until end of 2021.

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