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Mission Bay town centre safety improvements Mission Bay town centre safety improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is working to make changes to roads in Mission Bay town centre to improve safety and accessibility for all road users.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 30 April 2019.
Project zone: Central.

Project overview

We are making changes to roads in Mission Bay town centre in order to improve safety and accessibility for all road users, especially vulnerable road users. Vulnerable road users include children, senior citizens, people on motorbikes, people walking and cycling.

80% of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h local urban roads. Nearly half of those deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users. AT is committed to making the roads safer for all road users and these changes will help achieve this.

Within the last 5 years (2013 – 2017) there have been 46 reported crash incidents within the Mission Bay town centre area, which resulted in 14 people being injured. We know many more remain unreported and it is likely much higher in reality.

The project will be partly funded by the regional fuel tax.

Artists impression of the Tamaki Drive and Marau Crescent intersection
Caption: Artists impression of the Tamaki Drive and Marau Crescent intersection.

Proposed improvements

The improvements proposed include:

  • Nine new raised zebra crossings within the town centre. See map below for specific locations proposed.
  • A new roundabout at the Tamaki Drive and Marau Crescent intersection.
  • Improved shared path facilities and planted areas connecting the Tamaki Drive/ Selwyn Avenue intersection and Tamaki Drive/ Marau Crescent intersection.
  • Removal of the flush median and widened shared path facilities on Tamaki Drive between Atkin Avenue and Selwyn Avenue.
  • Intersection improvements on Patterson Avenue and Marau Crescent.
  • Removing 34 public car park spaces on and surrounding Tamaki Drive to make room for the new pedestrian crossings. See below map for specific locations proposed.

Learn more about speed calming measures and their benefits.

Mission Bay Speed Calming 2.5k-2

Download the map for Mission Bay town centre safety improvements (PDF 545KB).

Detailed design plans of proposed town centre safety improvements

Proposed location of the town centre safety improvements, shown in detailed plans:


‘Construction of the proposed changes is likely to take place during mid to late 2019.

These improvements are part of AT's commitment to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads by 60% over the next 10 years. 

Find out more about why these changes are needed and how we're reducing speed limits.

Public consultation

Before we make these changes, we wanted to understand if there are any issues or concerns that need to be taken into consideration, what you think about the proposal and any changes you would like to make. Your local knowledge gave us a better understanding of the area and help us make improvements.

Feedback is closed 30 April 2019.

Next steps

We will analyse all of the feedback and use it to help refine the proposal. Your local insights will help us make an informed decision to make your streets safer for everyone.

We will prepare a report on the feedback received and any changes made to the proposal, which will be published online. If you provided your contact details when giving us feedback, we will notify you when the report is available.

We are also advancing a working group to further discuss improvements to the proposal with Ōrākei Local Board, local Councillor, Residents Association, and Business Association representation.

We appreciate your patience while we undertake this process.

Because of the level of interest in this matter AT has undertaken to come back to the community with a revised proposal.

AT may introduce a 30km/h speed limit to Mission Bay town centre in future as part of a wider speed management programme. This would mean in addition to the above changes we would also add ‘30’ surface markings on the road to advise drivers of the reduced limit. Consultation on this proposed new bylaw took place in March 2019. Find out more information about the safer speeds programme.