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Auckland Transport (AT) and the Puketāpapa Local Board are building a cycleway connecting Ernie Pinches Drive to Sandringham Road Extension (over State Highway 20) and past the Wesley Community Centre from Sheppard Avenue to Stoddard Road.

Construction will begin in March 2017. The cycleway is expected to be completed and open for use by July 2017.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: Central

Cycling Work 294

Project overview

The new cycleway connects Ernie Pinches Drive, over SH20 to Sandringham Road Extension and through to the Wesley Community Centre, linking the SH20 cycleway to the shared paths in War Memorial Park.

This project came out of an extensive public consultation and design process, with feedback from the local community playing an important role in shaping the scope and nature of the planned works.

We have awarded the contract for the project to John Fillmore Contracting (JFC). Main construction works are scheduled to begin in March 2017.

Features and benefits

This cycleway will be part of a local green-ways network that encourages recreational trips and aims to improve safety for children walking and cycling to local schools.

The new cycleway will include:

  • The creation of a new 550-metre on-road cycle lane on the eastern side of Sandringham Road Extension.
  • Upgrading and widening the footpath on the western side of Sandringham Road Extension to accommodate a shared walking and cycling path.
  • A route that connects the existing SH20 cycle path, shared paths through the War Memorial Park and through to the Mt Roskill Safe Route cycle paths. The cycleway will also connect with the cycle routes parallel to Dominion Road - helping create a well-connected cyclist-and-pedestrian-friendly city.
  • The installation of raised speed tables at the Gifford Avenue, O'Donnell Avenue, Skeates Avenue and Farrelly Avenue intersections along Sandringham Road Extension to slow traffic.
  • A design that minimises tree removal where possible - in keeping with the Local Board and AT's commitment to environmental sustainability best practice.

Temporary changes during construction

Sandringham Road Extension will remain open to traffic for the duration of the project, but the speed limit will be reduced. A traffic management plan is in place to ensure pedestrian safety.

Gifford Avenue, Farrelly Avenue, William Blofield Avenue, Skeates Avenue and O'Donnell Avenue are now open.

There will be some noise with heavy machinery and trucks moving in the area, but our contractors will try to minimise disruption as much as possible.

The bus stops on Sandringham Road Extension will be temporarily relocated while work is underway, with clear signage in place. 

Work in front of Wesley Intermediate School entrance was completed until the April school holidays. 


The project is a joint partnership between Auckland Transport and Puketāpapa Local Board.

It complements and directly supports the Local Board's greenways network initiative and Auckland Transport's commitment to creating a more cyclist and pedestrian-friendly city.

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