Sharrow road marking trial Sharrow road marking trial

In a New Zealand first, AT undertook a 12-month trial of 'sharrow' road markings in 2014 to 2015.

Sharrow Marking On StreetSharrows were trialed in five Auckland locations:

The distinctive stencil-style road markings have been used overseas to improve cyclist safety and promote better road-sharing.

Sharrow markings indicate a shared-lane environment for cyclists and motorists. They help to position cyclists on the street for better visibility and clear of hazards such as car doors. They can also be used to mark routes for cyclists to use.

The trial markings were added to the roads in January 2014. Public submissions closed on 31 January 2014.

AT conducted video recording at the different trial locations as part of a review of road user behaviour.

Following the trial, sharrow markings have been approved as an option to improve cycle safety and may be used from 1 December 2016 onwards.

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