T2 Lanes for Sunnybrae Road T2 Lanes for Sunnybrae Road

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing changes to Sunnybrae Road in Hillcrest.

Project status: Detailed design / Construction
Project zone: North

Project overview

We asked for feedback until Sunday 16 August 2020 on proposed changes to Sunnybrae Road in Hillcrest.

The proposed changes include:

  • Changes to bus stops and shelters, these directly affect properties at 8, 13, 32, 34, 37-51, 64 and 93 Sunnybrae Road.
  • Changes to traffic lanes.
  • Changes to the painted median.
  • Improvements for pedestrians.
  • Removal of on-street parking at various locations and during the operation of the T2 lanes.
  • Driveway reconstructions at 14, 38, 53, 62, 64 and 66 Sunnybrae Road.

The location of the proposed T2 lanes is shown on the map.

Download the proposal map (PDF 2.5MB)


  • Buses (and general vehicles) are experiencing significant delays during peak traffic periods along this stretch of road. The proposal will result in the following travel time savings for buses and vehicles carrying two or more people:
    • southbound lane will save T2 lane users up to 100 seconds;
    • northbound lane will save T2 lane users up to 38 seconds.
  • The improvements to bus stops are required to ensure that buses can easily pull up against the kerb and exit the bus stops.
  • Extending the northbound dual traffic lanes at the Sunnybrae Road/Benders Avenue/Coronation Road intersection will reduce congestion at the intersection by increasing the number of vehicles that can get through on a green light.
  • Lengthening the right turning lane on the approach to Northcote Road, will reduce the instances where right turning vehicles block the other southbound traffic lanes and should improve traffic flow through the intersection.
  • The changes to the width of the painted central median are required to make space for the T2 lanes and new traffic lanes.
  • The improvements to pedestrian facilities make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road and access bus stops.
  • The raised speed tables outside the shops, will slow vehicle speeds entering and exiting the car park and make it safer for pedestrians to access the bus stop. It will also create a raised crossing for pedestrians, which will improve the accessibility of the bus stop, particularly for disabled people.
  • Auckland Transport embraces Vision Zero principles. We are putting safety at the heart of our business, where our road network is safe for all users. Zero deaths or serious injuries on the transport network are acceptable.

Project details

Proposed T2 lane

  • A southbound T2 lane on Sunnybrae Road operating 6:30am to 10am, Monday to Friday.
  • A northbound T2 lane on Sunnybrae Road operating 4pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Buses, vehicles carrying two or more people, bicycles, and motorbikes will be permitted to use the T2 lane.

Proposed changes to bus stops and shelters

  • Bus stop improvements outside 13 Sunnybrae Road.
  • Bus stop improvements and the installation of a new shelter for passengers outside 8, 64 and 93 Sunnybrae Road.
  • Bus stop improvements and relocation of the existing bus shelter by about 10m outside 37-51 Sunnybrae Road.
  • Relocate the bus stop from 32 to 34 Sunnybrae Road and install a new shelter for bus passengers.

Changes to traffic lanes and painted median

  • An extension of the northbound dual traffic lanes at the Sunnybrae Road/Benders Avenue/Coronation Road intersection. The dual traffic lanes will also be changed to straight-through/left-turn and straight-through/right-turn.
  • Lengthening the right turning lane on Sunnybrae Road at its approach to Northcote Road.
  • Changes to the width of the painted central median at various locations.

Improvements for pedestrians

  • Improvements for pedestrians at various locations, including new pram crossings and a new central refuge island.
  • Installing raised tables on the vehicle access points to the shops at 37-51 Sunnybrae Road.

Parking removal

  • Removal of on-street parking along parts of Sunnybrae Road and its side streets.
    • Some parking will be removed permanently (indicated by broken yellow lines on the map).
    • Parking will not be permitted within the T2 lanes when they are in operation.
    • Removal of parking is required to make space for the T2 lanes and new traffic lanes, ensure bus stops meet current safety and accessibility standards (AT Code of Practice), improve visibility at pedestrian crossings and side road intersections and improve safety and traffic flow at intersections.
    • Parking surveys indicate that if the project is implemented, there will be enough parking available on Sunnybrae Road and the side streets to accommodate the existing parking demand. However, in some location’s vehicles may need to park on the side streets instead of Sunnybrae Road. The distance from any point on Sunnybrae Road to the nearest side road is usually 5m-46m.

Driveway reconstructions

  • The driveways will be reconstructed at 14, 38, 53, 62, 64 and 66 Sunnybrae Road.

Future cycleway

If implemented, the proposal will leave enough space for a one-way cycleway on both sides of the road. Both cycleways can be physically separated from traffic. However please note that at present there is no funding programmed for cycleways along this road.

Public feedback

From 27 July to 16 August 2020 the public shared their views on plans to make improvements to Sunnybrae Road in Hillcrest. In total, 148 submissions were received.

Read the main points made by submitters and AT’s response to these points in the feedback document (PDF 148KB).

We’d like to thank those people that provided feedback for taking the time to respond and for playing an important part in shaping the future of our city.

How we’re moving forward

After considering all the feedback, we have decided to progress the project through to implementation, subject to the following changes:

  • Include 5 new recessed parking spaces between No. 55 and No. 65 Sunnybrae Road. The parks will be time restricted to 2 or 5 minutes during the school pick up and drop off period, outside of these periods the parks will not have any time restrictions.
  • Change the 3 parking spaces outside 30-32 Sunnybrae Road to a 2- or 5-minute time restriction during school pick up and drop off times (to encourage regular turnover).
  • Remove the existing broken yellow lines outside 40 Sunnybrae Road to create an extra car park.
  • Retained 3 car parks outside 14-16 Sunnybrae Road that were proposed to be removed under the original proposal.
  • Increased the width of the painted central median (compared to the original proposal) on the northbound approach to Marywill Crescent.
  • Remove the proposed raised tables from the entrance and exit to/from the off-road parking area in front of the businesses at 39-51 Sunnybrae Road. The footpath build outs and prams crossing locations at the north entrance have also been amended to accommodate the removal of the raised tables.
  • The reconstructed driveway serving 32 Sunnybrae Road has been straightened to improve vehicle access.
  • The proposed bus stop outside 13 Sunnybrae Road has been moved a few meters north to avoid conflict with a newly installed vehicle crossing. The proposed pram crossings and central pedestrian refuge has been removed from this location to accommodate the new bus stop location, but the “Keep Clear” zone has been retained.

Download the updated drawing for this proposal (PDF 2.6MB)

What happens next

We anticipate the proposed changes will be constructed in 2021. We will be in touch with local residents prior to any construction taking place​

For more information on this project

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