Takapuna paid parking zone Takapuna paid parking zone

Auckland Transport (AT) has introduced paid parking in Takapuna town centre to help manage high demand for parking within the area.

Project status: Completed.   

Reasons for proposing the zone

Takapuna is the heart of Auckland’s North Shore for shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

AT is shifting to a flexible demand-based approach to on-street parking within Auckland town centres. By removing time limits and introducing paid parking, demand can be managed through price. Customers should always be able to find available parking and will have flexibility on how long they can stay.


  • No time limits, pay for what you need.
  • A 10-minute grace period to allow for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Low prices for short stays.
  • Simplified parking signage, with more information on our parking machines.
  • Improved parking availability.
  • Simpler parking rules (there are around 18 different parking restrictions within Takapuna).
  • Less congestion from vehicles circulating the area looking for a park.
  • Fewer signs required, less street clutter.

Following the introduction of a similar paid parking zone in the CBD, the number of tickets issued on the street decreased by 27%.

Details of the Takapuna paid parking zone

Following the feedback process, we have reviewed the proposal in response to the feedback received to ensure that these concerns are mitigated or addressed in our final design.

The new paid parking zone is expected to be active from 12 December 2016.

Parking times and charges

  • Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm.
  • $1 per hour for the first two hours, rising to $2 for any subsequent hour.
  • No time limit, but a rising hourly charge will encourage short-term parking.
  • Electronic payment methods, including mobile apps, will be introduced to make it easier to pay for and top up parking.

Once the zone is in place, if parking occupancy remains consistently higher than 85%, parking charges can be adjusted to encourage turnover of car parks. This might mean keeping the initial hourly charge low, but raising the charge for subsequent hours.

Any changes would be made in consultation with the Devonport/Takapuna Local Board and Takapuna Beach Business Association.

Other changes

  • A new P180 bus bay will be installed on Byron Avenue to cater to tour groups and coaches.
  • Introduce paid parking on one side of Alison Avenue and Earnoch Avenue.
  • Introduce an unrestricted and unpaid parking area on one side of Alison Avenue.
  • New tariff in ANZAC street carpark: $1 per hour for the first 2 hours. No changes to tariffs for more than 2 hours.

Paid parking zone exemptions

Part of Hurstmere Road, from the Lake Road intersection to the Anzac Street roundabout, is being exempted from this new paid parking zone system and will remain as a P30 area for now.

Streets in the paid parking zone

Alison Ave (one side of the street, beside the holiday park), Anzac St (from Hurstmere Rd roundabout to Auburn St), Byron Ave, the north-eastern end of Bracken Ave, the south-eastern end of Campbell Road, Como St, Earnoch Ave (one side of the street, beside the holiday park), Huron St, Hurstmere Road (apart from an exemption from the Lake Rd intersection to the Anzac St roundabout), Killarney Street (from the Promenade to Hurstmere Road intersection), Lake Road (from the Anzac St roundabout to Bracken Ave), Northcroft St, The Terrace.

Map of the Takapuna paid parking zone

This map shows the revised changes to the Takapuna paid parking zone area.

Map of the updated Takapuna Paid Parking Zone

See a larger map of the new Takapuna Paid Parking zone (PDF 75KB)


In July 2016 we sought your feedback about the proposed Takapuna paid parking zone - a proposal to help manage the high demand for parking in the Takapuna town centre with a new approach.

The proposal will now be implemented and the new paid parking zone is expected to be active from 12 December 2016.

We received a total of 89 responses to this proposal.

Of this, 54 responses raised concerns while 35 were in favour or neutral regarding the proposal.

Responses to specific feedback

Will this new approach to on-street parking have a negative impact on local businesses?

We believe these changes will benefit customers and business in Takapuna. The current paid and restricted parking system forces customers to move after a set time. This could deter customers from visiting the area, or generate more congestion with cars circulating the street trying to find another parking space.

By removing the restricted paid parking system, in favour of an unrestricted time but demand-based paid parking system, customers now have the option of parking for as long as they choose.

Will this new approach encourage long-term parking by workers in Takapuna?

The flexible approach encourages vehicle turnover in car parks. Parking charges will be set at $1 per hour for the first two hours, and rise to $2 per hour for subsequent hours.

We will monitor parking demand and occupancy levels and may adjust tariffs to achieve optimal occupancy and turnover.

Any future adjustments will be made in consultation with the Takapuna Local Board and Takapuna Beach Business Association.

Will the new approach inconvenience or reduce the amount of parking for workers who require long-term parking?

On-street parking covered by the proposed Takapuna paid parking zone is already time-restricted and prioritises short-term parking.

We expect the impact on long-term parking to be minimal.

Can residents living in the Takapuna paid parking zone be given parking permits?

Most of the proposed Takapuna paid parking zone is classed as a commercial use zone and we can not assign parking permits to residents living in a commercial zone.

As the proposal removes the existing time restrictions, residents and their visitors will have the option of parking their vehicles as long as they need to.

The boundaries of the proposal have been re-aligned so that only areas on Bracken Avenue and Campbell Road that are zoned for business or mixed use are included in the proposed paid parking zone.

The P120 (two hour time limit) parking spaces on Bracken Avenue which are outside the proposed paid parking zone area have been changed to P180 (three hour time limit) spaces.

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