Takapuna residential parking zone Takapuna residential parking zone

To provide greater parking availability and flexibility, Auckland Transport (AT) proposed a residential parking zone in Takapuna.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 18 October 2020.
Project zone: North

Project overview

Auckland Transport proposed a residential parking zone in Takapuna to provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents and visitors.

Parking surveys have shown high occupancy rates in these areas where some streets are close to full during peak times.

When the new car park building on Huron Street is complete later this year, we anticipate parking on the surrounding streets to get busier as people look for cheaper car parking options nearby. This could make it harder for local residents and visitors to park near their house.

Project details

The Takapuna residential parking zone proposed includes:

  • Time restrictions of two hours (P120), Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (excluding public holidays and weekends).
  • The time restriction will only apply to vehicles that do not have permits or coupons.
  • The P120 time restriction will replace most the existing parking restrictions in the area.


  • Provide greater parking availability and flexibility for residents and visitors.
  • The two-hour time restriction supports parking for business customers and casual residential visitors, while not allowing for non-resident all day parking.
  • Reduce congestion from vehicles driving around looking for parking spaces.
  • Less circling vehicles should also improve pedestrian safety in the area.
  • Reduce incidences of parked vehicles obstructing driveways, as vehicles do not have to park in marginal spaces.

About residential parking zones

A residential parking zone is a collection of residential streets upon which a parking restriction is applied. It allows short term parking for visitors, and all-day parking for coupon and permit holders.
Within the residential parking zone all residents and businesses can apply for a parking permit, which will exempt them from the time restrictions. They can also obtain parking coupons that allow visitors to be exempt from the restrictions for a day.

The permits fee is $70 per vehicle, valid for one year. The number of permits is capped; some or all permits may be granted, depending on availability.

Residential properties can apply for as many permits as there are vehicles registered to the address. Businesses within the zone can apply for 1 parking permit.

Find out more information on permits and coupons below:


The roads we are proposing a residential parking zone to include:

Auburn Street, Beachholm Road, Blomfield Spa, Bracken Avenue, Brown Street, Burns Avenue, Byron Avenue (part of), Cameron Street, Eldon Street, Ewen Street, Gibbson Road, Harley Close, Harley Road, Huron Street (part of), Lomond Street, Napier Avenue, Northcroft Street (part of), Park Avenue, Rarere Street, Rewiti Street, Sanders Avenue, Tennyson Avenue, William Street.

The map below shows the proposed Takapuna Residential Parking Zone.

Takapuna residential parking zone

Download the map for the Takapuna residential parking zone (PDF 656KB)

Timeline for the proposal

  • 22 September 2020 - consultation opens.
  • 18 October 2020 - consultation closes.
  • October - December 2020 - Public feedback considered and report published.

Public engagement

As a direct result of feedback, we will proceed with the residential parking zone with some key changes.

We have listened to feedback that support for the proposal was mixed, especially for those who didn’t live in the proposed zone.

We have therefore scaled the proposal back to cover a smaller area to enable residents to more easily find parking and still encourage parking turnover for business visitors near the town centre.

The new amended zone will end at Esmonde Road and will cover the following streets: Burns Avenue (part of), Huron Street (part of), Northcroft Street (part of), Byron Avenue (part of), Bracken Avenue, Tennyson Avenue, Sanders Avenue and Park Avenue.

Takapuna residential parking zone

Download the public feedback report (PDF 1.1MB)

Next steps

We estimate the proposed changes will be in place around mid-2021.

We will be in touch with local residents and businesses who reside within the zone at least 4 weeks prior to the zone going in with information on how to apply for permits.

Once again, thank you for helping us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by your local knowledge. ​

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