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Ngapipi bridge widening Ngapipi bridge widening

AT proposes to install 2.5 metre wide ‘clip ons’ on both sides of Ngapipi bridge (on Tamaki Drive) to provide new footpaths and convert the existing footpaths into cycleways.

Project status: Consultation closed 8 October 2017
Project zone: Central

Artists impression of the wider Ngapipi bridge

Image: Artist's impression of the widened Ngapipi bridge.

Project overview

Better walking and cycling facilities on Ngapipi bridge are a key part of the wider programme of improvements in the Ōrākei area, including the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route and the Tamaki Drive-Ngapipi Road intersection upgrade.

Once the bridge is widened, the existing shared path on the north (seaward) side of the bridge will become a separated 2 way cycleway and footpath, while the shared path on the southern side will become a separated 1 way cycleway and footpath

The decision to widen the bridge followed a detailed structural assessment of the bridge which identified that there is no requirement to replace it. Widening the bridge also allows the existing four traffic lanes to remain the same.

Map of improvements

See a map of the programme of improvements in the area (PDF 172KB)



  • April 2019 – detailed design and consent process.
  • Late 2019 to early 2020 – construction starts, anticipated duration 4 months.

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