Ngapipi Bridge widening Ngapipi Bridge widening

AT proposes to install standalone footbridges on both sides of Ngapipi Bridge (on Tamaki Drive) to provide new footpaths and convert the existing footpaths into cycleways.

Project status: Design and consenting
Project zone: Central

Artist impression of the widened Ngapipi Bridge along Tamaki Drve

Image: Artist's impression of the widened Ngapipi Bridge. Please note: Ngā mahi toi (cultural artwork) is an example only.

Project overview

Better walking and cycling facilities on Ngapipi Bridge are a key part of the wider programme of improvements in the Ōrākei area, including the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route, Tamaki Drive-Ngapipi Road intersection upgrade. and the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path.

Ngapipi Bridge currently represents a pinch point, with the 3-metre-wide footpaths shared by people walking and cycling. Widening the bridge will expand the area available for people on foot and bike and create a seamless connection between cycleways to the west (Tamaki Drive Cycle Route) and east of the bridge.

The decision to widen the bridge followed a detailed structural assessment of the bridge which identified that there is no requirement to replace it. Widening the bridge also allows the existing four traffic lanes to remain the same.

Map of improvements

See a map of the programme of improvements in the area of Tamaki Drive (PDF 217KB).



  • Late 2017 - Consultation and initial design.
  • 2018 to 2019 – Design review.
  • Late 2020 to early 2021 – Finalise design.
  • Early to Mid 2021 - Consenting and funding sought.
  • Late 2021 - Construction starts (anticipated duration 18 months).

Project background

In 2017 we shared our initial design to install clips-on to the bridge with the community for feedback. We received good support for the proposal, with 221 responses, and were asked to:

  • ensure smooth transitions for people on bikes on and off Ngapipi Bridge and integration with cycleways on either side.
  • maintain boat clearances under the bridge.
  • retain any historic façade/ features of the bridge.

After listening to the feedback and taking a closer look at the plans with a local boating club we found that clip-on and associated support structures would impact boat clearances. To avoid this, the design has been changed to footbridges that are not connected back to the existing bridge.

The existing 3m wide footpaths will be converted into cycleways as per original plans and the project does not involve any changes to the vehicle lanes.

Project details

  • New standalone foot bridges (3m wide on the northern sea side and 2.5m wide on the southern side).
  • Existing 3m-wide footpaths converted into a bi-directional cycleway on the northern side (tying in with the Tāmaki Drive Cycle Route) and a westbound cycleway on the southern side.
  • Ngā mahi toi (cultural artwork) will be incorporated into bridge elements.
  • The existing traffic lanes will be untouched.
  • Vertical and horizontal clearances for boats in the navigational channel will be maintained.
  • Cycleways and footpaths will tie into existing and future facilities at either end of the bridge.
  • Building out approximately 3m (up to 25m in length of seawall) on the northwest corner to allow a narrow section of footway to be widened.
  • The original bridge elements and façade are retained.

See the cross-section drawing of the Ngapipi Bridge widening (PDF 2.09MB).

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