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Tamaki Drive Cycle Route Tamaki Drive Cycle Route

AT wants to create an improved walking and cycling route along Tamaki Drive and connect with cycle routes to Glen Innes, Parnell, and the central city.

Project status: Detailed design.
Project area: Central.

Project overview

We are upgrading the walking and cycling facilities on Tamaki Drive between the end of the Quay Street Cycleway (which will be extended to a point just west of The Strand intersection) and the intersection with Ngapipi Road.

Find out more about how the cycle route will connect with other routes.


  • Walking and cycling improvements at intersections.
  • Suitable for riders of varying abilities and confidence levels. 
  • Changes to parking.
  • Tree pruning.


  • Increased connections to other cycle routes.
  • Provide more transport choices.
  • Encourage more people to walk and cycle - Tamaki Drive is Auckland’s busiest route for cycling, averaging over 1,500 cycle trips every day. We expect these numbers to increase with the completion of this project.
  • Help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.


  • May/June 2017 - Consultation.
  • September 2017 - Revised design and feedback report.
  • Mid 2018 - Construction starts (expected).

Connections to other cycle routes

The route will improve access into the city centre by connecting with other cycle routes:

  • Quay Street Cycleway extension. Completion is subject to the hearing process underway.
  • Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive shared path. Section 3 of the path ends at Ōrākei Point (near Ōrākei Train Station). We are currently seeking feedback on the preferred route for the connection between Ōrākei Point and Tamaki Drive at the Ngapipi Road intersection. Completion is expected in late 2018. 
  • A proposed cycle route to Parnell along The Strand, Gladstone Road, and St Stephens Avenue. Completion is expected in late 2018.
  • Ngapipi Road intersection. Traffic lights and improvements for walking and cycling are underway and expected to be completed in mid 2018.
  • The existing Tamaki Drive on-road cycle route and shared path east of Ngapipi intersection.

See a map of connections to other routes in the area (PDF 172KB)

Revised design

Our original proposal was to upgrade sections of the existing shared paths on both sides of Tamaki Drive to create a 2.4km off-road walking and cycling route.

The proposed route connected with the Quay Street Cycleway extension on the northern (sea) side of Tamaki Drive, crossing to the south side at the Solent Street intersection and continued to Ngapipi Road. The positioning on the south side of Tamaki Drive was to provide a connection with the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path

The shared path will now connect to Tamaki Drive at the Ngapipi Road intersection, where safe access across Tamaki Drive will be provided by the upgraded intersection.

Feedback has helped shape the design

Public feedback clearly showed a majority preference for a route along the northern side of Tamaki Drive, and for physical separation between cyclists and pedestrians.

As a result, we will now build a bi-directional (2-way) separated cycleway, along the northern (sea) side of Tamaki Drive, between Solent Street and Ngapipi Road, including across Ngapipi bridge, which we plan to widen. Find out more about the bridge widening.

From Quay Street Cycleway extension (at The Strand) to Solent Street, our plans remain unchanged. The path width will be similar to the current width and pedestrians and people on bikes will share the path.

Shared path south (rail side) of Tamaki Drive

To make room for the cycleway and 4 traffic lanes, we will convert the existing shared path on the southern (rail) side of Tamaki Drive to a pedestrian-only footpath, reducing the width to between 1.4m-2.4m, depending on location.

Tamaki Drive cross section

Image: Tamaki Drive cross section.


Most of the existing off-peak parking will remain on this section of Tamaki Drive.

Existing yellow lines on the southern side between the Outboard Boating Club and Ngapipi Road will remain and new yellow lines will be added to the northern side in this section due to the width of the road.

To prevent car doors being opened into the cycleway as riders go past buffers will be installed along the outside edge of the cycleway to act as a separator.

Keeping people moving

At peak times, traffic will have 2 lanes in each direction. Where off-peak (9am - 4pm and 7pm - 7am Monday to Friday) parking is retained, traffic will be reduced to 1 lane in each direction around parked cars.

We are considering extending the evening No Parking restriction from 4pm - 6pm to 4pm - 7pm to better account for the evening peak.


On the northern (sea) side of Tamaki Drive, we may need to prune some trees with low-hanging branches for the safety of cyclists. All tree work will be carried out by qualified arborists.

On the southern (rail) side of Tamaki Drive, to make room for the cycleway, the shared path will be converted to a footpath with a maximum width of 2.4m. We will repair the footpath where tree roots are uplifting it and will investigate treatments such as boardwalks to avoid tree removal. If a tree needs to be moved or relocated, we will apply for consent.

Public engagement

From 19 May to 18 June 2017, we sought feedback on the proposed route and path design to help us improve the proposal before we progress to the next stage of the project.

We have considered all feedback and used it to improve the design.

Feedback report

Download the public feedback and decisions report (PDF 1.3MB)

Next steps

Construction of the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route is expected to start mid-2018. We are also looking to coordinate works to address flooding at low spots on Tamaki Drive near the Outboard Boating Club at the same time, subject to funding and consenting.

We will continue to investigate a crossing facility on the slip lane leading into Solent Street, and upgrading the pedestrian crossings at The Strand and Solent Street intersections to ‘toucan crossings’. These have separate crossing lanes for pedestrians and people on bikes.

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