Tamaki Drive safety improvements Tamaki Drive

Auckland Transport (AT) has made improvements along this iconic Auckland route, enhancing its safety and usability for all road users.

Project status: Completed
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Seventeen high priority safety-related projects have been completed along Tamaki Drive.

The projects were delivered in co-operation with the Orakei Local Board, with reference to the area’s longer term economic and recreational development (detailed in the Tamaki Drive Masterplan). AT also worked closely with local business, residents, Orakei iwi and community groups.

Project details

Tamaki Drive is an iconic city amenity and one of Auckland’s most attractive and high profile routes. A major access way to and from the city, Tamaki Drive is also a recreational resource for the local community and the city, and a place of significant cultural importance to Maori.

Motorists, cyclists, public transport users, pedestrians and tourists all share the area, placing high demands on pedestrian, transit and parking facilities.

The 17 Tamaki Drive safety-improvement projects were completed in 2014. They are grouped together by area. 

Tamaki Drive and The Strand intersection safety improvements

Artist drawing of Tamaki Drive - sketch 1

Improved safety due to improved continuity for cyclists using the intersection and a safer environment for pedestrians.

AT undertook works to The Strand intersection in one phase, rather than two. This ensured works were completed safely and delivered the intended benefits.


  • Tamaki Drive city-bound cycling lane.
  • Cycling lane connection between The Strand and bus lane on Quay Street.
  • Reconstructed footpath.
  • Redesigned of street furniture.
  • Reconfiguration of the Quay Street footpath and centre island to better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improvements to pedestrian safety at identified high risk intersections on Quay Street.

Tamaki Drive and Solent Street intersection

Improved safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. A safer environment created for pedestrians crossing the left-turn slip lanes.


  • Improved pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Cycle feeder lane.
  • Extension to the existing footpath.
  • Measures to reduce speed of vehicles entering the Port.

Tamaki Drive and The Landing boat trailer parking restrictions

Road users now have the appropriate traffic lane width to navigate through the area. Safety hazards associated with boat trailers extending into the lanes have been eliminated.


  • On-road parking restrictions for boat trailers near 'The Landing'.
  • Ongoing education about the use of 'The Landing' by boat trailer users.
  • Ongoing enforcement.

Tamaki Drive and Watene Crescent intersection 

Artist drawing of Tamaki Drive - sketch 4

The changes have created a safer environment for pedestrians crossing Watene Crescent and highlight the presence of cyclists at the intersection.


  • Reconfigured pedestrian crossing.
  • New traffic island to provide a pedestrian refuge.
  • T2 lane marking across the intersection.

Kelly Tarlton's safety improvements

The improvements enhance the area as a key tourist destination.


  • Improved pedestrian safety with 2 raised zebra crossing facilities and a road surface treatment to improve vehicle traction and help reduce accidents.
  • Improved cycle safety with new cycle lane marking.
  • Relocation of coach and bus parking from outside the function venue Okahu provides better visibility and safety for road users.
  • Gateway' markings indicating to road users that they are nearing the approaches to Kelly Tarlton's.
  • Realignment and reconstruction of the central media island.

AT Tamaki Drive Sketch AT Tamaki Drive Sketch Crop

Mission Bay safety improvements

These improvements contribute to the accessibility and safety of a high profile, iconic area of Tamaki Drive. The changes improve motorist, cyclist and pedestrian safety at key interaction points in the Mission Bay area.

Safety improvements within Mission Bay were undertaken in conjunction with the road resurfacing works along Tamaki Drive, Patterson Avenue and Selwyn Avenue.


  • Improved access to east and west car parks.
  • Raised table at the exit to the east car park provides better continuity for pedestrians and safer exiting for motorists.
  • Kerb extension to slow vehicle entry into east car park.
  • Eastbound cycle lane and advance cycle boxes (greened area for cyclists at the front of the lane) at the Patterson Ave intersection.
  • 'Gateway' markings that indicate to road users that they are nearing the approaches to the Mission Bay area.

Tamaki Drive and Kohimarama Road safety improvements

Artist drawing of Tamaki Drive - sketch 13

The changes improve safety and access for pedestrians, and create a lower speed environment and improve visibility for motorists.


  • New traffic island.
  • Improved pedestrian crossing design (kerb will be dropped down for pram or mobility scooter users).
  • Kerb realignment.
  • Cycle area across the intersection clearly marked in green.

Tamaki Drive and Averill Avenue intersection 

Artist drawing of Tamaki Drive - sketch 14

The improvements increase driver awareness of pedestrians crossing through the use of the flashing 'smart stud' lights. The changes also improve cyclist safety across the intersection.


  • Side islands at pedestrian crossing will be removed to improve traffic flow.
  • Installation of 'smart studs', an in-road lighting system to alert motorists to pedestrians using the crossing.
  • Reconfiguration of footpath with kerb extension.
  • Cycle lane across Averill Avenue intersection.

Tamaki Drive, Long Drive and Auckland Road intersection

Artist drawing of Tamaki Drive - sketch 15

Residents have safer entry and exits from their properties. Road users and pedestrians benefit from safer turning at the intersection. Pedestrian and cyclist safety has been improved. 


  • Reconfiguration of the Auckland Road/Long Drive intersection with Tamaki Drive.
  • New road markings.
  • Improved pedestrian facilities across the intersection.
  • Cycle lane marked in green.

Cliff Road, Tamaki Drive, Vale Road and Lombard Street intersection

A reduced speed environment has been created at the intersection of Cliff Road, Vale Road, Lombard Street and Tamaki Drive, improving safety for road users and pedestrians. Pedestrians have better continuity through improvements to pram crossings at Goldie Street, Maheke Street and Turua Street.


  • Improvements to pram crossings at Goldie Street, Maheke Street and Turua Street.
  • Construction of a raised table across the intersection of Cliff Road, Vale Road, Lombard Street and Tamaki Drive.

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