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7 July

The opening ceremony took place with Mayor Phil Goff, Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board chair Lydia Sosene, Associate Transport Minister Tim Macindoe, Councillor Alf Filipaina and members of the Local Board.

Read the media release: Te Ara Mu Future Streets opening celebration

Future Streets Opening - Phil Goff

Future Streets Opening - 2

Future Streets Opening - 1

13 June

Work to create pedestrian crossings and other street improvements is continuing on Massey Road. These works will be completed by the end of the month.



Construction work on the Te Ara Mua – Future Streets project in Mangere will soon come to an end. Since work started in February, the project team have completed:

  • Community trail
    A walking and cycling route to improve the connection between Waddon Place and Mascot Ave.
    It will have markers along its paths, and run along Windrush Close and Pershore Place through green space before connecting with Mascot Avenue.
    These works combined with reserve improvements such as street lighting upgrades will improve safety for all those who use the shared space.
  • Mascot avenue
    Improvements to incorporate a combination of raised pedestrian crossings, speed tables to slow traffic, dedicated cycle lanes, widened footpaths, improved bus stops and landscaping completed to make it a safer and more user friendly environment to get to and from school, work or the local shops.
  • Massey Road
    Planting and street improvements to improve walking and cycling connections.
  • Town centre imrpovements
    Enhanced pedestrian and cycling connections between the reserve and the mall within the Mangere Town Centre with raised tables, widened footpaths and landscaping.
    Wayfinding signage in the Mangere Town Centre showing the significant sites, marae and educational facilities in the area, as well as 10 marker posts identifying and locating maunga in Mangere.

Construction timeline

  • Section 1: February - July 2016.
    Community trail (Waddon Place to Mascot Avenue shared path construction).
  • Section 2: March - August 2016.
    Mascot Avenue shared path construction and Massey Rd improvements.
  • Section 3: April - July 2016.
    Mangere town centre walkway works.
  • Section 4: July - December.
    Friesian Drive and Imrie Avenue impreovements.

Coming up next

Work starts at Friesian Drive and Imrie Avenue.

Fresian Drive:

  • Traffic calming islands with planting and street trees.
  • Road centreline removed.
  • Dedicated cycle lanes for improved safety.

Imrie Avenue:

  • Pedestrian and cyclist enviromanet improved through reduction of traffic speeds.
  • Traffic calming island with planting and street trees.
  • Onstreet parking.

Community events

  • Cycle Training for adults and children, Bike Maintenance Opportunities and a Mangere fun Triathlon Event coming soon.
  • Plans for a Te Ara Mua Future Streets celebration scheduled for 22 September to be held outside the leisure centre will include free family event around the community trail loop.


Massey Road intersection improvements

Improved pedestrian linkages at intersections on Thomas Road, Pershore Place, Duggan Avenue, Friesian Drive and Imrie Avenue including widened footpaths, more visibility and shortening crossing distance by kerb build outs.

Mascot Avenue

Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities on Mascot Avenue including dedicated cycle lanes, a 2 metre wide shared path, plantings and street tree improvements.

Mangere town centre

Improved pedestrian linkages through the town centre including dedicated pedestrian and cycle priority zones through the car park and a pedestrian connection from the reserve to the mall with raised tables, widened footpaths and plantings.

Community trail

A community trail with a shared path through the reserves linking Mascot Avenue, Windrush Close, Heyford Close and Cape Road. Improvements also include new plantings and better lighting which will be installed.

Next steps

  • Pou to be installed at the town centre.
  • Wayfinding installations to be erected on Mascot Avenue and Windrush Close.
  • Ten marker posts to identify and locate maunga in Mangere.
  • Dedicated pedestrian and cycle priority zones through car park.
  • Emphasise pedestrian connection from reserve to mall with raised tables, widened footpath and planting.

27 April

There will be some temporary changes to traffic flow on Mascot Avenue near the town centre to allow for project works to be carried out. These works are expected to be carried out from May until the end of June, weather permitting.

The works being carried out will affect traffic on Mascot Avenue between Bader Drive and Canning Crescent. This may mean you need to change the way you travel to get to the shops, work or collect your children from school.

Map showing where the work will be carried out

Map showing where the work will be carried out on Mascot Avenue

The works being carried out will:

  • Install a speed table at the entrance to Mangere town centre.
  • Install new pedestrian crossings on Mascot Avenue.
  • Upgrade footpaths.
  • Detour signs will be located on the roads and will advise a safe alternative route.

20 April

Five parking spaces will be removed outside Kingsdene Kindergarten, 62 Mascot Avenue, Mangere. This is part of the work to provide improved pedestrian and cycle facilities along Mascot Avenue, 

We recommend the safest option for parking when dropping off and/or picking up children who attend the Kindergarten or Nga Iwi Primary School is at the Mangere town centre outside the Moana-nui-a-kiwa Pool and Leisure Centre.

Map showing current and new parking locations

Map showing current and new parking locations

18 April

Feedback is invited on a proposal to partially close Windrush Close and make it cul-de-sac.

29 March

Community Trail

  • Work on the first stage of the community trail began this week. It includes the installation of new street lights, pits, cabling and a new footpath.
  • Other work includes tree planting in selected areas throughout Mascot Park, creating a walkway reserve from Pershore Place through to Windrush Close and the walkway reserve from Windrush Close through to Cape Road.
  • This work may cause disruption to pedestrians while walking through the reserve.
  • A traffic management plan will be in place to assist pedestrians to access the walkway.

Mascot Avenue

  • Initial work will include the demolition of the old footpath and installation of the new footpath and ducting and cabling work for the new streetlights starting from the Massey Road side.
  • This work may cause disruption to driveways.
  • Qualified traffic controllers and Site traffic managing supervisor (STMS) will be assisting drivers to access their driveways and pedestrians to cross the road.

Main works for the Community Trail and Mascot Avenue will take about three  months to complete. General hours of work will be between 7am  to 7pm, Monday to Friday. However certain activities may require night work and local residents will be informed in advance of working taking place.


The existing footpath in Pershore Place between the entrance to Windrush Park and Mascot Park has been removed. This has been replaced with a 3 metre wide shared walking and cycling path.

Similar work has also been done in Windrush Close.



Works on the first stage of the community trail are set to begin late November 2015.

The first stage will involve footpath widening along parts of Pershore Place and Windrush Close and a partial closure of Windrush Close to create a cul-de-sac.


24 November

AT engaged with the Māngere community on a range of street and route infrastructure improvements planned to be constructed in and around the Māngere town centre.

Feedback closed on the project in October 2014.

Brochures showing improvements that could be undertaken to a number of streets in Māngere Central were distributed to households in the area. A feedback form and online survey was also provided.

The information distributed is shown below: