Te Atatu Bus Station Te Atatu Bus Station

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing a major change to the regional bus network in Auckland. At Te Atatu, this will result in new bus services and the construction of a new bus station.

Project status: On hold.
Project area: West.

Project overview

Northwest Auckland has been identified as an area that will experience significant growth over the next 30 years. Current projections predict 80,000 new dwellings will be needed to meet the demands of Auckland’s increasing population and the on-going development of the Government’s Housing Accord initiative could result in even greater growth.

In response to the predicted growth, AT is moving to a simpler and more integrated public transport network and has developed the Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) for implementing service improvements over the next 10 years.

A core element of the new public transport network is a Frequent Service Network (FSN) that will optimise bus services to allow more frequent buses and more connections between the individual service routes.

Te Atatu Road intersection with SH16 is a key link in the proposed FSN for northwest Auckland and has been identified as a location where a new bus station will be needed eventually, to allow the FSN to operate effectively.


When viable, the bus station will:

  • Provide a high-quality facility that allows easy connection between proposed bus services.
  • Provide a high level of pedestrian safety, particularly for school children.
  • Allow for efficient bus movements and minimise delays and diversion to buses using it.
  • Operate effectively and safely with motorway and local traffic.
  • Minimise the impact on residents through good design.
  • Be compatible with any future proposals for a northwestern busway in the motorway corridor.
  • Have good infrastructure for pedestrian and cyclist links.


Funding has been allowed in the Auckland Council Long Term Plan to design a bus station at the intersection of Te Atatu Road and SH16.

As a result of public consultation held in May 2013, AT undertook a review of the location options for the new station. An updated set of assessment criteria that incorporated public feedback was used to re-evaluate the original options and assess a number of newly identified options to ensure that everything is being looked at on an equal and comparative basis.

Since the consultation, AT has also started the investigation of a strategy to implement a Rapid Transit Network (RTN) on SH16. This RTN will become the backbone of AT’s improved public transport infrastructure in the northwestern sector of Auckland.

Following the selection of a preferred location for the station, the timing of the final design, and subsequent construction phase will be dependent on many factors including the outcome of consultation activities, consents processing, land purchase (if required), funding needs and any re-zoning and legal matters that could impact on AT’s decision-making processes.

The intersection of SH16 and Te Atatu Road has been upgraded by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) as part of the wider Western Ring Route Project.

AT coordinated with NZTA and their contractor to future-proof the upgrade of the intersection of SH16 and Te Atatu Road for the construction of the bus station.

Find out more about the Western Ring Route on the NZTA website.

Project details

The proposed new bus station will provide a bus-to-bus interchange to allow connections between future frequent services and the rapid transit motorway services to and from the city.

At present, the intention is to provide up to 6 bus bays, ideally with the capability for future expansion if needed (this number will be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation and design process).

The bus station is not intended to be a layover or depot facility. Under the current predicted service patterns, it will operate between 6am and 12pm, 7 days a week, with up to 26 buses an hour using it. 

The station design philosophy will include Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and will be well lit and controlled through a variety of measures to ensure customer safety.

Where practical to do so, the design of the station will also incorporate measures to mitigate and minimise visual and noise impacts on the surrounding environment.

Public engagement

AT will continue to consult with residents when a recommended location for the bus station has been identified.

The selection of a location is just the first step in a process of designing the station; there will be a number of design development stages that must be worked through before construction can start. AT will consult and communicate with residents at each stage in this process.

Read the Land Purchase and Compensation Guide (PDF 256KB)

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