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Tiverton Wolverton upgradeTiverton Wolverton

A major upgrade of Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street in West Auckland is nearly complete. The $30 million project provides an improved and safer experience for all users of this busy 2.2km stretch of arterial road between New Windsor and New Lynn. 

Artists impression of Wolverton Street and Tiverton Road

An artist's impression of Wolverton Street and Tiverton Road as they will look when the works are completed.

Project overview

The Tiverton Wolverton project is nearly complete

(A message from the Project Team)

Tiverton FourlanesApart from some remaining landscaping to be done during the planting season in April, the project will be mostly completed this month.

The project team would like to extend a warm thank you to all who have been affected in some way by the work undertaken on the Tiverton Wolverton Upgrade Project.  

We appreciate your patience and co-operation. 

Continue to drive with Caution

Tiverton LightsThe landscape along Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street has changed dramatically and it will take motorists a bit of time to adjust to the changes.

Although the speed restrictions in place during construction will soon be lifted and the area returned to a 50km per hour zone, we recommend you take extra care when driving, walking or cycling.

There are now five upgraded signalised intersections on the route and these will need to be optomised technically as we monitor traffic and usage.  Please be patient with any teething issues that might arise while we get the lights synchronised over the next month or so. 

Years of planning has gone into delivering the best possible upgrade to the Tiverton-Wolverton corridor. As a strategic arterial route dating back to the 1920s, it presented a number of construction challenges, particularly in relation to the large number of old (and sometimes unmapped or incorrectly mapped) underground utility services and the constraints of a narrow corridor with service lanes built above and below road level.

The upgrade has effectively removed the two-lane bottleneck that existed between these areas and strengthens connections between New Lynn, Rosebank Road, Lansford Crescent and the SH20 extension at Mount Roskill.

The busy corridor (which includes the road, cycle and pedestrian facilities, services and berms) carries an average of 31,400 vehicles a day and the upgrade provides extra capacity for future increases, which could  prove useful for traffic diverted away from construction of the SH20 Waterview connection.

Tiverton Bbr

The new four lane road has been constructed mostly within the width of the existing road corridor and small slivers of land have been bought from a number of property owners to enable the footpath to be widened to a safer and more useful width. Local utility and stormwater infrastructure has been upgraded at the same time to avoid having to dig up the road again at a later date.

The image shows the traffic lights at Blockhouse Bay Road intersection being livened in February..

Features and benefits

The project delivers many long-term benefits for those living and working in the area. The added benefit of improving traffic flow for commuters and freight-carriers means the project also delivers real economic value for the Auckland region.

The upgrade of this strategic route involved:

  • Creating four lanes (two in each direction) from Clark Street East to the intersection of New Windsor Road and Maioro Street.
  • Installing traffic signals at five major intersections to improve traffic flow and provide safe crossing points:
    • Taylor Street/Wolverton Street.
    • St George Street/Wolverton Street.
    • Blockhouse Bay Road/Tiverton Road/Wolverton Street.
    • Whitney Street/Tiverton Road.
    • Tiverton Road/New Windsor Road.
  • Improving pedestrian safety by upgrading the existing footpaths to 2.5 metres on the north side and 1.8 metres on the south side and installing four new pedestrian islands and new pram crossings.
  • Undergrounding and renewing Vector power and Telecom services.
  • Upgrading stormwater catchpits and pipe infrastructure to reduce incidences of localised flooding and cater for the demands of future population growth.
  • Installing 10 new bus shelters along the route.
  • Upgrading street lighting to the standard expected of a major arterial route.
  • Landscaping work.

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