Tiverton Wolverton upgrade Tiverton Wolverton

A major upgrade of Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street in West Auckland is complete. The $30 million project provides an improved and safer experience for all users of this busy 2.2km stretch of arterial road between New Windsor and New Lynn. 

Project status: Complete
Project zone: West

Artists impression of Wolverton Street and Tiverton Road

An artist's impression of Wolverton Street and Tiverton Road as they will look when the works are completed.

Project purpose

  • One of Auckland’s significant road improvement projects
  • A strategic arterial route dating back to the 1920s
  • Carries an average of 31,400 vehicles a day
  • Project will significantly improve linkage between SH20, New Lynn town centre and nearby commercial/light industrial areas
  • Will add resilience to roading network and deliver economic value to the region


  • Creating four lanes (two in each direction) from Clark Street East to the intersection of New Windsor Road and Maioro Street.
  • Installing traffic signals at five major intersections to improve traffic flow and provide safe crossing points:
    • Taylor Street/Wolverton Street.
    • St George Street/Wolverton Street.
    • Blockhouse Bay Road/Tiverton Road/Wolverton Street.
    • Whitney Street/Tiverton Road.
    • Tiverton Road/New Windsor Road.
  • Increased road capacity and safety for current and future needs
  • Improved pedestrian safety by upgrading the existing footpaths
  • Undergrounded, renewed, future proofed all power and telecommunication services
  • Upgraded stormwater infrastructure
  • Upgraded street lighting to the standard expected of a major arterial route
  • An alternative cycle route that allows cyclists to avoid the busy Tiverton-Wolverton corridor.


2013 - All utilities undergrounded and rewed and future proofed. Wolverton St finished project reaches half way stage.
2014 - End of all works at Tiverton/Whitney St and New Windsor Road. Final surfacing of old Blockhouse Bay roundabout. Construction completed.

Project Details

  • Upgrade of the Tiverton-Wolverton corridor, a 2.2km stretch of arterial road between New Windsor and New Lynn.
  • Removes a two lane bottleneck and strengthens connections between New Lynn and neighbouring areas.
  • The footpath will be widened to a safer and more useful width.
  • Has taken less than two years to complete.
  • Local utility and stormwater infrastructure is being upgraded and future proofed at the same time.

Years of planning has gone into delivering the best possible upgrade to the Tiverton-Wolverton corridor. The new four lane road has been constructed mostly within the width of the existing road corridor and small slivers of land have been bought from a number of property owners to enable the footpath to be widened to a safer and more useful width.

Key Facts

  • $30 million project
  • 2.2km of road
  • Five new signalised intersections
  • Four new pedestrian crossing points
  • 10 new bus shelters
  • 143 new street lights
  • 8.6km of new underground powerlines
  • 350 power/streetlight poles removed
  • 5.6km of new underground water mains
  • Approximately 4.8km of new kerb and channel
  • 9200 sq metres of footpath - about 145
    truckloads of concrete
  • 38,000 square metres of new asphalt

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