Tiverton Wolverton project updates Tiverton Wolverton project updates

These project updates are from the now completed Tiverton Wolverton upgrade and are available as a record of the project.

January 2014

Upcoming night work

Night work is planned between 6pm and 6am on Friday 7, Saturday 8, Friday 14 and Saturday 15 February to apply a final layer of asphalt on the Blockhouse Bay/Tiverton/Wolverton intersection.

Detour routes will be in place during these times. This work involves removing and relaying a section of asphalt during the first two shifts.

We expect some noise disruption during this activity, with the noisy work between 7pm and 11pm. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

Whitney St Intersection

Phase 1 (southern side) of the intersection construction went very smoothly and phase 2 is planned to be asphalted this Saturday (northern side), then reopened by Monday 3 Feb.

New Windsor Intersection

Asphalt has been laid on the first section of New Windsor Rd Intersection, and on Monday 3 February the traffic will be diverted to the outer sides of the road while we work in the middle section.

This area is being constructed in four sections, the eastern side (completed), now the central, next month the western side, then lastly the northern side.

12 December 2013

Asphalt programme for the remainder of 2013

The Tiverton-Wolverton Upgrade will be finishing work for Christmas on 20 December and restarting on 6 January. Below is a schedule for asphalt to be laid in various areas of the project for the remainder of the year.

These dates are indicative only and are dependent on weather conditions and programme. We request that residents remove their vehicles from the roadside before 7am during this time. Traffic flows will be maintained however some delays are expected. Line marking will be undertaken during night time shifts following surfacing of each area.

Day shift

Thursday 12th – 80 Tiverton Rd to Whitney St Friday 13th – Wolverton St from St Georges to Taylor St

Monday 16th – Wolverton St from Taylor St to Gull Service Station

Tuesday 17th –Pitcairn to Whitney + Aprons / Tie ins Wednesday 18th Tiverton Rd between Pitcairn Pl and Whitney St + Aprons / tie ins

Thursday 19th – Low Level access on Tiverton Rd, Dickey Street (concreted area only)

Night shift

Monday 16th - Blockhouse Bay Rd – either side of roundabout, including BP, Skin Clinic, Bryce Chiropractic, Glenavon Shop’s car park and neighbouring driveway to 268 Blockhouse Bay Rd

Tuesday 17th – Contingency

Thursday (19th) - Day shift contingency

Depending on availability of material we have tentatively booked the Blockhouse Bay Rd/Tiverton Rd/ Wolverton St intersection to be asphalted on 18 and 19 December.

17 April 2013

Road reconstruction on Wolverton Street

Wolverton Street restricted - residents vehicle access affected.

Around the end of April, we will begin the first section of road reconstruction, starting with the southern side of Wolverton Street. Traffic will be shifted to a narrower temporary alignment and continue to flow in both directions.

Access to residential properties between Blockhouse Bay Road roundabout and Miranda Street will be seriously affected for approximately three weeks while this work is underway.

Miranda Street closed

Detour for the road closure at Miranda StreetA secure carpark facility will be made available to residents during this time as well as a shuttle service to transport residents to and from the car park.Once this side has been constructed, the traffic will be shifted onto the new surface and work will begin on the northern side in the same fashion. 

The first task in the road reconstruction phase is to remove the current road surface. This will require a road closure at Miranda Street for a few days to enable trucks to enter and remove the material safely.  

We apologise for any inconvenience to residents and motorists during this disruption.  A detour will be in place.

Weekend work during April

Over the next three to four weekends we are installing stormwater drainage across Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street. The work requires stop/go traffic management to allow six trench excavations within the road.

Stormwater, kerb and channel

Installation of the stormwater drainage line on the north side of Wolverton Street between Saint Georges Rd and Lansford West is complete. We have also opened the footpath at Olympic Park. This  has allowed for work to begin on Kerb and channel construction: Wolverton Street & Tiverton Road (north side). We are now also working on kerb and channel removal and reconstruction from Olympic Park to Whitney Street - almost the entire north side of Wolverton Street. Access ways will be affected at times during this construction phase but all businesses remain open.

The pedestrian route will also be affected. If you are uncertain, please ask the crew working on the site to assist you with either pedestrian access. Over the coming weeks you will see some changes to the footpath with the aim of improving temporary access as we continue to work on kerb, channel and footpath.

17 April 2013

Reconstruction may cause disruption

Toward the end of this month reconstruction is scheduled to begin on Wolverton Street, starting with the Southern side of the road. There will be changes to traffic alignment and access to residential properties between Blockhouse Bay Road roundabout and Miranda Street will be seriously affected for approximately three weeks.

11 April 2013

Interesting Statistics in Progress Report

Auckland Transport's Tiverton Wolverton contractor Downer has issued a report on progress to date on the project.

This includes some interesting statistics on the many kilometres of watermains, ducting and electricity lines installed so far and what they did with more than three thousand square metres of concrete. 

10 April 2013

Public Open Day

Members of the local community supported a well-attended meeting public day at the Liberty Church in Lansford Crescent at Avondale on 9 April to get latest details of the Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street project.  Auckland Transport is grateful for the support from the community.   Further details of the project will be published on this site as plans are available.

22 February 2013

Kerb channel and footpath work

Kerb channel and footpath work on Wolverton

During the last few months we have been making progress with installation of the footpath at Olympic Park, as well as the kerb, channel and footpath installation between 6 and 52 Wolverton St. We expect to be finished with stormwater installation,footpath, kerb and channel within a fortnight in this section.

This week we start kerb, channel and footpath construction on the north-eastern corner of Blockhouse Bay Rd and Tiverton Rd. 

Meanwhile an underground transformation is taking place around the Blockhouse Bay Rd roundabout. We have relocated the gas lines and installed new power and telecommunication lines

Underground service installations at the Wolverton St and Blockhouse Bay Rd intersection

and watermains below the roads surrounding the roundabout.

Two more underground service installations will be required at the western (across Wolverton St) and northern (across Blockhouse Bay Rd) sides of the roundabout. Kerb, channel and footpath construction now begins in a clockwise direction, starting with the north-east corner.

A step-by-step process is required when installing kerb, channel and footpath.  See details of this process and further information  in the February newsletter to residents (PDF 1.4Mb).

10 January 2013

Contractors back at work

Work has started for the new year.  Construction activities include car park works, footpath construction, service installation and consultation with property owners.

Investigative work has also started on stormwater drainage at the corner of Saint Georges Road and Wolverton Street.

Read the end of year newsletter to residents (PDF 1.4Mb)

7 December 2012

Work well underway as Christmas approaches

Removing of power poles in preparation of Tiverton Wolverton upgrade project

Years of planning have gone into delivering the best possible upgrade within the confines of the busy Tiverton-Wolverton corridor, which carries an average of 31,400 vehicles a day. Since work began at the beginning of August, our contractor Downer New Zealand has made significant progress in undergrounding all overhead utility services and renewing the bulk of existing underground services. 

Utility works are almost complete around the existing Blockhouse Bay Rd roundabout. Once the undergrounding of these services has been completed, road widening works can begin.   Stormwater upgrade works in the vicinity of Olympic Park and a new combined entry and exit for the park are also near completion.

Upgrading the utility services and stormwater infrastructure at the same time avoids the need to dig up the road again at a later date. While construction brings some inevitable disruption and inconvenience in the short term, we ask people to bear with us because the project is set to deliver many long-term benefits for those living and working in the area. 

We thank you for your patience and cooperation while we undertake this important upgrade.

5 December 2012

Construction of kerb and channel

Construction of kerb and channel on Tiverton Wolverton project

 Now that the services are underground along the southern side of Wolverton Street between Blockhouse Bay Rd and Miranda Street, we have begun excavations for the new drainage, kerb and channel. 

This work will affect residents’ access to driveways during the next few weeks and will require cars to be parked on the road for a few days once the new kerb and channel has been installed. We apologise for this inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

12 October 2012

Watermain installation

We hope to have three kilometres of new watermain pipes underground throughout the site by Christmas.

The areas where new watermains are being livened are:

For residents living in these areas, a process for installation will be in place to ensure a successful switch-over to the new water line.

For any queries regarding Water Care shut down notices, contact 09 442 2222.

12 October 2012

Street Lights and Power Poles

Removal of all of the power poles on the southern side of Wolverton Street

We have removed all of the power poles on the southern side of Wolverton Street from the Blockhouse Bay Road roundabout down to Miranda Street.  Three new streetlights have also been installed and livened in this area.

This has been in preparation for the next phase of work involving the removal of footpath, kerb and channel.

12 October 2012

Traffic adjusting to new road layouts

Traffic has adjusted well to the new road layout on Blockhouse Bay Road, Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street, allowing significant progress to be made.

Motorists and pedestrians are asked for their continued patience as school commences. Alternative routes are recommended, especially for routes between Blockhouse Bay Road and Olympic Park. At the Blockhouse Bay Road roundabout, please remember to use the right lane if going straght or right, and left only when turning left.

The traffic layout at Lanford Crescent will change to a one-way system when required. Email updates will be provided in advance but please be aware that the work zone changes daily and continue to take care when travelling through the area.

This week saw digging on the corner of St Georges Road and Wolverton Street for a trench. Called the 'mother of all trenches' by contractors, it has 14 services in it. Businesses on this corner continue to operate and have been extremely accommodating of the work crews.

5 October 2012

New road layouts in place

A new road layout is in place on Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street, the Blockhouse Bay Road Roundabout, and side roads.

The temporary realignment creates one lane in each direction along Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street, from Whitney Street Roundabout to Olympic Park. The Blockhouse Bay Rd Roundabout has new lines directing traffic to stay in the right lane if going straight or right, and in the left lane only if turning left.

Entry to Lansford Crescent is now located at the western side, and exit out of the eastern side.

This new layout  is the first major phase of traffic layout changes to facilitate work on the Tiverton Wolverton Upgrade Project.

New signage, cones and line marking on the road indicate a 30km speed restriction through this area. Pedestrians  also have a new layout to use alongside the road Pedestrians are asked to follow the signs and to traffic controllers for assistance if necessary.

This layout will remain in place until early 2013 while Auckland Transport and its contractors undertake service relocation and road widening activities along the route.

New road layout of Tiverton Road, Wolverton Street and the Blockhouse Bay Road Roundabout

New one way map of Landsford Crescent

5 October 2012

Lansford Crescent temporarily made a one-way

Please take care when travelling through Lansford Crescent.

The entry to Lansford Crescent will be located at the western end, and exit at the eastern end during reconstruction work while we relocaste services and widen the road.

Businesses and organisations located in Lansford Crescent remain open.

17 September 2012

Drilling to install underground services

Excellent progress has been made in the last few days with drilling underground into properties along the southern side of WolvertonStreet to install utility services. Subcontractors Scot Thrust Ltd estimated they could achieve up to four properties per day but favourable weather conditions have enabled them to achieve 17 properties in just three days.

We are now doing the same activity along the northern side between Lansford Crescent (eastern entrance) and Whitney Street. Starting with excavations within the berm and footpath, we then install ducts alongside the street before proceeding with underground drilling into private property.

No street parking while drilling work underway

The drilling work involves digging small sections of ground at 15-30 metre intervals.There is no on-street parking available in Wolverton Street while this work is in progress.

Instead the road shoulder will be closed and pedestrians will be escorted around the work zone. Please follow the safety signs and access this area with caution.

Identifying Downer site staff

All staff working on the Tiverton-Wolverton upgrade have been issued with a yellow Downer sticker on their hard-hat. You are encouraged to request identification from anyone working within your property and can have that information verified by calling 0800 DOWNER.

3 September 2012

Site blessing

Site blessing held by local iwi Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and Ngaitai-ki-tamaki

The Tiverton-Wolverton project team and community representatives attended a site blessing held by local iwi Ngati Whatua Orakei and Ngaitai-ki-tamaki in conjunction with Auckland Transport and Downer NZ, in early September. 

Denise Gwilliam (Kiwicare Pre School Business Manager) and pre schoolers Hanae Vito-Toleafoa, Lana Goldsbro and Breanna Pinto, braved it in the rain at the Tiverton Wolverton site blessing ceremony with local Iwi representatives. 

Preschoolers get a construction work close-up

Preschoolers getting a close-up look at construction near their school 

Children from Kiwicare preschool on Wolverton Street had a chance for a close-up look at construction near their school.  From the safety of barriers they were excited to see heavy machinery at work  in the able hands of Auckland Transport's contractors from Downer, who are carrying out the major works on the Tiverton-Wolverton project.