Torbay revitalisation Torbay revitalisation

Auckland Transport (AT) constructed a new roundabout, speed table, traffic islands and pram crossings on Beach and Toroa Roads, Torbay.

The improvements were part of the Torbay revitalisation project, funded by the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board.

Project status: Complete.
Project zone: North.

A total of 6 parking bays were relocated, new road markings were painted, and existing footpaths widened and given a stylish new finish.

Collectively, these measures will improve safety and amenity to pedestrians and visitors to the area.

Torbay Revitalisation General Layout

Construction timeline

  • Begin construction on north-east side of Beach Rd/Toroa Rd intersection.
  • Construction of south-east side of Beach Rd/Toroa St intersection.
  • Construction of west side of intersection.
  • Construction of traffic islands and pedestrian crossing.
  • New road pavement, signage, and road marking.
  • New footpath and road pavement on Beach Rd and access way to Torbay Community Hall car park area.

Update - September 2017

Work has been completed.

Update - February 2017

Due to unforeseen complications with the site, AT suspended work on the project prior to the Christmas holiday. This was to allow a number of local events and celebrations to occur during the peak summer period.

Updated schedule - April 2017

  • Roundabout construction - starts 7 April, expected completion 21 April.
  • Footpaths outside shops - starts 7 April, expected completion 1 May.
  • Drain installation and reshape - starts 7 April, expected completion 21 April.
  • Pedestrian islands and crossing - starts 7 April, expected completion 28 April.
  • Asphalt and colour - starts 21 April, expected completion 1 May.
  • Mill and reinstate driveway to the carpark - starts 21 April, expected completion 28 April.
  • Mill and reinstate pavement - starts 21 April, expected completion 28 April. 

We are committed to limiting inconvenience to the public but construction works will bring some inevitable disruptions. If your property is within an affected work area, our contractor will contact you to advise you of activities.

We ask that members of the public do not interfere with the equipment, material or signage used by contractors, as this may cause health and safety hazards and could delay the project. 

Additional parking

AT and the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board are aware of concerns from the community about the need for increased parking for customers of local businesses.

The Local Board is investigating the possibility of installing new parking bays in the area as a separate exercise from the Torbay Revitalisation project.

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