Mt Albert Station Mt Albert Station

Auckland Transport (AT) has made major improvement works at Mt Albert train station.

Project status: Construction.
Project zone: Central Auckland.

Project overview

The Mt Albert Station upgrade project recognises that well-designed facilities are a key element in attracting people to public transport.

The upgrade improves access to the station and establishes Mt Albert as a significant transport hub where passengers can easily transfer between trains and buses. It will also link the rail station with a proposed town centre upgrade.

The Mt Albert Station serves schools, Unitec and local residences. More than 2,100 people a day use it.

Features and benefits

  • Better comfort and weather protection for waiting passengers, improved security and lighting and electronic train timetable information.
  • Mt Albert StationBetter access for people with limited mobility, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • A safer, more attractive station.
  • New shelters, rubbish bins, CCTV, PA system, HOP ticketing machine, lighting and passenger information displays.
  • New lift to give people with limited mobility access to platform from Carrington Road.
  • Pedestrian access between New North Road and Wilcott Street is maintained.


  • The first stage of improvements has been completed. 
  • Stage 2 is scheduled for 2015-16.
  • Construction will be completed by August 2016.

Project updates

17 March 2016

Works on the pedestrian link bridge begin Easter weekend

Mt Albert Pedestrian Link Bridge

AT have reviewed the staging of the final elements of the overall plan for Mt Albert Station.

The next stage of work is to install a new pedestrian link bridge from New North Road into the rail station, construction on this will begin on Friday 25 March, making it easier for people to access Mt Albert Station from the town centre. The project is funded by the Albert-Eden Local Board and delivered by AT. The bridge is expected to open in September 2016.

The link bridge will connect Mt Albert Station with New North Road through the town centre car park. This will create a third station access, in addition to access points off Carrington Road and Willcott Street. The bridge creates an easy and convenient link between the local shopping area and the train station.

What to expect

The project will make use of the Easter closure of the Western Line, starting work on Friday 25 March. Initial work will consist of drilling foundations and installing supporting structures, with the bridge assembled off site and installed during a second Western Line closure in June.

Hours of work will generally be Monday to Saturday, 7am to 9pm. However, there may be occasions when contractors need to work outside of these hours.

As a result of construction, noise levels will be higher than normal. We will try and minimise loud or disruptive activities as much as possible and will notify the community in advance of any after-hours construction activities.

July 2013

A ribbon-cutting to mark the completion of stage one of Mt Albert train station was celebrated on 6 July by local residents and families enjoying the sunshine and free entertainment.

The day started with local iwi bestowing a Maori blessing on the station and the artwork gracing the walkway and concourse. The formal part of the day included speeches and the cutting of the ribbon.

The ribbon was cut by artists Henrietta Nicholson and Marc Lenton, Albert-Eden Local Board Chair, Peter Haynes and AT Board member Cr. Mike Lee.

Project Director, Nick Seymour, says Mt Albert has been a significant project for AT.

"It’s been a project that we have pushed for, for many years, along with the local board and it’s great to see stage one completed."

The architectural form and design gives the station character. The glazing along the walkway and concourse wall incorporates artwork designed by Moko IA Creative House. Titled ‘Owairaka’, it was developed around the cultural significance to the iwi of Tamaki Makaurau, the location of the rail link and the transportation of people both to and from Owairaka or Mt Albert.​ The second stage will be delivered in 2014. 

"Once fully complete, Mt Albert will have a magnificent new station fit for years to come," says Mr Seymour.

Mt Albert was one of the last stations on the Western line to be improved as part of AT’s upgrade programme. Work began in late December 2012.

The aging station was in serious need for an upgrade. There were mismatched passenger shelters which provided little weather protection, the platform’s surface was patchy in places, limited passengers information displays and the old concrete ramp wasn’t meeting the needs of all our customers particularly those with less mobility.

The pedestrian link bridge is nearly six metres high from the platform and more than 1000 tonnes of concrete was required to form a reinforced concrete slab and support columns for the concourse and link bridge.

The concourse houses the passenger lift and has been extended out from the southeast edge to accommodate a future addition of a link bridge to the New North Road plaza.

Electrical services work included earthing and bonding, establishing and maintaining a power supply to light the station, passenger information displays, PA system, ticketing and CCTV coverage. Other work included resealing the platform’s surface, installing two new passenger shelters and improving lighting and CCTV security.

26 June 2013

Stage one of the Mt Albert station upgrade is completed

AT has finished the first stage of the station upgrade, and access from Carrington Road has reopened. Plans for the second stage, which includes a link bridge connection to the carpark on New North Road, are still being worked through.

KiwiRail activity around Mt Albert station

KiwiRail carries out routine work on the rail network. Routine maintenance activities may involve excavators and replacement of ballast, or heavy rail equipment moving along the track - possibly at night. If there are any questions or concerns about the work please contact KiwiRail at (09) 270 4404

Upgrade photos

Mt Albert station overbridge

 Mt Albert station platform construction

 Mt Albert station platform and steps construction

 Mt Albert station steps to platform construction

 Mt Albert station overbridge construction  

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