Pukekohe Station Pukekohe Station

Auckland Transport (AT) and the NZ Transport Agency are building a fully-integrated bus and train station at Pukekohe.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South

Project overview

Pukekohe Station will facilitate the new public transport network, which was introduced across Pukekohe and Waiuku on 30 October 2016.

New station facilities will link bus stops with the existing rail platform. Commuter parking space and cycle parking will be provided along with improved connections to the local road and footpath networks.

AT will build the project in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 - construction of a temporary facility for new bus services and installation of traffic lights at the Custom Street/Manukau Road intersection. The traffic lights have been now been installed and are operating.
  • Stage 2 - construction of the park and ride area, access way and pedestrian-bridge. Physical works on Stage 2 began 3 July 2017. The Park’n ride facilities, bus lane and shelters, public toilets and station platform are expected to be complete and ready for opening on 6 June 2018.

    The new overbridge will be opened late July 2018, once the old overbridge is removed. For customers requiring step free/mobility access, please continue to use the Station Road access until the new overbridge is opened.


  • Facilitate increased public transport services.
  • Better connectivity between new network buses and rail.
  • Better and faster connections within the Franklin community and wider Auckland region.
  • Enable bus and train timetables to be aligned.
  • Increased park and ride facilities will encourage people to use train services.


The project is being delivered in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and will cost $15.4 million.


2015 – NZTA funding for design and detailed design.
July 2016 – NZTA funding for construction. Stage 1 construction starts.
October 2016 – Interim bus station facility opened for new network.
July 2017 – Stage 2 construction starts.
Mid 2018 – Construction complete.

Project details

Auckland Transport (AT) is moving to a simpler and more integrated public transport network as part of the Integrated Transport Programme.

A new network of buses and trains will change the way people travel, including the provision for improved facilities and need for some passengers to transfer at key stations like Pukekohe.

Station features

  • 6-bay bus stops integrated with the existing Pukekohe Station.
  • New overbridge with lifts to connect the bus and train station.
  • Park and ride facility for 87 vehicles.
  • Additional ticket machines.
  • Passenger waiting area.
  • Small retail area.
  • Drop and ride area.
  • Cycle parking facilities.
  • 24-hour CCTV security.
  • Toilets.
  • Improvements to the Manukau Road and Custom Street intersection to aid bus and pedestrian movements across Manukau Road.

View a map of the plan for Pukekohe Station (JPG 524KB)

Artist's impressions of the new Pukekohe Station

Station overview

pukekohe station artist impression

Bus station platform and drop-off zone

Bus station platform

Bus station platform and cycle parking

Bus station platform and bike parking

Bus station and park and ride

The proposed bus station and park and ride is located to the west side of the rail line with an overbridge to the Pukekohe Station and access to Station Road.

International infrastructure firm AECOM have assessed the proposed bus station and parking facility and recommend that the project progress to detailed design.

Download the full scheme assessment report for the bus station and park and ride (PDF 7MB, 255 pages)

Manukau Road/Custom Street intersection

To improve bus connections at Pukekohe Station, AT reviewed improvements to the Manukau Road/Custom Street intersection. A long list of intersection options was reduced to 3, and AT selected signalisation of the intersection as the preferred option.

A new set of traffic lights will be installed; these will be activated by traffic on Custom Street, allowing the new bus services to run to schedule. They will retain normal traffic flow on Manukau Road when there is no traffic leaving the station.

The upgrade also includes a new controlled pedestrian crossing that will link the station with 2 nearby schools. To help keep traffic on Manukau Road flowing, the crossing will be fitted with a camera that will detect if someone is waiting to cross the road (if they leave, the request to cross will be cancelled).

Benefits of signalisation include:

  • Faster and more efficient public transport services, especially for buses.
  • Improves overall safety for pedestrians and users of the train station.
  • Allows for the inclusion of a cycle lane.


  • Manukau Road has limited pedestrian crossing facilities and has heavy traffic.
  • The bus interchange will increase traffic from Custom Street, with 5 out of 6 buses turning across all lanes of Manukau Road.
  • Buses will depart approximately every 20 minutes as a group.
  • The intersection needs to improve to allow buses to exit on time and meet their timetables.
  • With changes to the area (the bus interchange, park and ride, pathways to Manukau Road etc) additional patronage to the area and local schools on Harris Road will increase pedestrian traffic across Manukau Road.

Options considered

Download the full report by AECOM on the Manukau Rd/Custom St intersection (PDF 15.2MB, 419 pages)

Option 1: Roundabout

Pukekohe Manukau Road Intersection Option 1

  • Similar in size to adjacent roundabouts.
  • Zebra crossing included to assist pedestrians crossing Manukau Road.
  • Requires Auckland Council land and removes Pohutukawa trees on Custom Street.
  • Still difficult for buses to make right turn into Manukau Road during peak periods.
  • Will require utility relocations and increase area for stormwater discharge.
  • The addition of a cycle lane will increase land required.
Option 2: Signalisation

Pukekohe Manukau Road Intersection Option 2

  • Signals located on Manukau Road and Custom Street only.
  • Provides controlled pedestrian crossing over both Manukau Road and Custom Street.
  • Manukau Road always has a green light unless Custom Street or pedestrian crossing triggered.
  • No land purchase needed and Pohutukawa trees on Custom Street remain in place.
  • Greatest reliability for buses to exit and keep to schedule.
Option 3: Seagull intersection (T-intersection)

Pukekohe Manukau Road Intersection Option 3

  • Buses exit Custom Street and accelerate in central lane to merge with Northbound traffic.
  • Controlled pedestrian crossing installed to allow access across Manukau Road.
  • No land purchase needed and Pohutukawa trees on Custom Street remain.
  • Buses may have difficulty turning right during peak traffic as they don’t have priority.
  • Unusual road configuration.
  • Cycle lane can be included.

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