Pukekohe Station project updates Pukekohe Station project updates


20 May

Construction across the entire project is progressing well and is on target for the opening of the new bus and train facilities from midday (12pm) on Wednesday 6 June. This will include the new park’n ride area, station platform, bus lane and bus shelter and the Station Road carpark.

The overbridge is mostly complete and will be opened to the public in late July after the existing overbridge has been removed in the scheduled block of lines on the weekend of 14 and 15 July.

Please note: For customers requiring step free/mobility access, please continue to use the Station Road access until the new overbridge is opened in late July 2018.

Park’n ride area

All elements including the carpark, new toilets, bus lane, landscaping and rain gardens are complete. Only the bus shelter fitout remains and is due for completion before the end of May.

New bus shelters and landscaping

Bus Station Line marking complete

Park'n ride Carpark view from new overbridge

Platform works

The platform upgrade is mostly complete and fully operational but will require some minor works when the old overbridge is removed on the weekend of 14 July.

Northern end platform


Station Road

The carpark upgrade is mostly done. There are still some small pedestrian detours in place while some minor details are tidied up. The final step in the Station Road upgrade will be the road resurfacing which is expected to be completed before the 6 June opening.

Station Rd speedtable

Ramp to bridge from Station Road

New Pedestrian Overbridge

The overbridge is mostly complete but is awaiting canopy installation on piers 2 and 4. It will be opened to the public in late July once the existing overbridge has been removed in the scheduled block of lines on the weekend of 14 and 15 July.

Bus and bridge

20 April

The Park & Ride area is rapidly progressing and will open to the public in late May. The bus shelter fit out is nearing completion while the public toilet block is being finished.The toilet block will open to the public when the entire facility including the car park, bus shelter and bus lane opens. The bus station asphalting is expected to be complete by Friday 27 April, leaving only minor landscaping to be done and the remaining bus shelter fit out requirements to be installed. 

Car park and new bus shelter view from bridge
View of carp park and new bus shelter from the new overbridge.

Landscaping car park and bus shelter
Landscaping work taking shape in the new Park & Ride car park and bus shelter.

Construction on the new pedestrian overbridge is continuing at steady pace, targeting completion early June 2018. On the bridge itself, only finishing works like the installation of handrails and steel grating remains.

Work on the piers however, is more complex, and there are a number of elements requiring completion:

New steel grating on overbridge progressing well
Steel grating installation on the new pedestrian overbridge.

Pier 1

The precast stair hand rails have been installed and the concrete ramp is complete. Permanent hand rails will replace the temporary ones currently in place next week

Temp rails on P1 ramp
Temporary hand rail in place on the pier 1 concrete ramp.

Pier 2

The lift is in final stages of commissioning. The stair canopy installation is underway.

Pier 4

The precast stairs have been installed with temporary handrails. The pier 4 lift has started the commissioning process.

Station Road carpark

The carpark upgrade is well advanced with the new kerb expected to be poured week commencing Monday 23 April and the traffic island due to be poured week commencing 30 April. While the works are taking place there are some minor pedestrian detours in place.

Station Platform

Works are nearly done with only part of the downmain section remaining. CCTV has been installed and final back filling and asphalting will be completed once the old pedestrian ramp is removed.

18 March

Though construction across the entire project continues to progress well, the complex nature of the pedestrian overbridge has pushed out works completion date to mid-2018. The remaining elements of the upgrade, including the new park’n ride area, station platform, bus lane and bus shelter, remain on target for completion in April 2018.

Park’n Ride area/Bus shelter & bus lane

The bus lane is rapidly approaching completion with the concrete lane and kerbing complete, and the footpath almost done. The Manukau Road bus lane tie in construction is ongoing with asphalting due to be undertaken after Easter 2018.

The steel frame of the shelter itself is now in place and the fit out well advanced. The new toilet block has been installed and the plumbing is underway. The toilets will be operational when construction for the entire project finishes in June 2018.

Bus shelter in progress

Car Park

The new 87 space carpark is complete and landscaping around the facility being finalised. Up on Station road the carpark upgrade has passed the midway point.

Park'n ride car park and station view

Station Platform

The finishing touches to the platform works will be made this week with backfilling and final asphalting expected to be completed by Easter 2018.

New Pedestrian Over Bridge

Due to its many complex components, the new pedestrian overbridge is taking longer than anticipated to complete. The construction on the overbridge is now expected to be completed and open for use in mid-2018.

Pier 1: Stairs are now complete and concrete has been poured for the access ramp

Pier 1 precast stairs installed

Pier 2: Stairs are fully installed and the lift is at commissioning stage.

Pier 4: The precast stairs have been installed while construction continues on the pier 4 lift, the canopy is due to be installed after Easter.

Pier 4 stair installation

14 February

Excellent work in early 2018 has seen Stage 2 of the Pukekohe Station upgrade progress solidly and is currently target for completion in Mid-2018.

New pedestrian overbridge

The roof and ceiling construction for the new overbridge well advanced and piers 3 & 4 are complete. Work on the pier 1 ramp resumed this week and the stair installation is due to resume late February.

Pukekohe Station constructions
Roofing and ceiling construction continues 

Pukekohe Station bridge view
Pukekohe Station bridge view

Pier 2’s stairs are now in place while the glazing on the lift shaft is almost finished. Installation of the lift will begin this week. Across at pier 4 the glazing is also nearing completion and the installation also due to commence this week.

Pukekohe Station new stairs
New stairs at Pier 2 installed 

Station platform

The Station Platform is looking good with the tactile paving and the platform backfilling complete. The stop wall at the Southern end is under construction.

Pukekohe Station view
Tactile installation complete. 

Pukekohe Station platform
Platform backfilled and stop wall under construction 

Park’n Ride area

Car park

The park and ride car park asphalting is complete, allowing line markings and works on the raingarden installation to recommence.

Pukekohe Station car asphalting
Car park asphalting now complete

Bus shelter and bus lane

The bus shelter and bus lanes are coming along nicely with the 3/4‘s of the concrete laying complete for the bus lane itself, while the steel framework for the bus shelter is fully installed. The kerbing is also complete and preparation on the footpath construction has begun.

Pukekohe station kerbs complete
Kassel kerbs complete and framework installation continues 

15 January

Pukekohe Station New Year updates

Continuation of works over the holiday period has seen the Pukekohe Station upgrade make dramatic progress across all the key construction sites and we are able to see an indication of how the station will look at the end of the project, expected to be completed in early 2018.

New pedestrian overbridge

The new overbridge trusses were successfully installed on the four piers over the 3rd and 4th of January 2018.

Overbridge trusses installed on the piers early in Jan
Overbridge trusses installed on the piers early January 2018

On the week finishing 19 January, the contractor was completing the welding on the bridges trusses and work on the timber roof continues and is expected to be complete by the end of the week ending 28 January.

Overbridge trusses installed and being welded in place
Overbridge trusses installed and being welded in place

Work on installing the timber floor starts the week between 22 and 26 January and construction is also continuing on the pier 1 ramp and stair construction. Glazing is also ongoing for the lift shafts at pier one and two.

Installation of the new lifts is expected to take place at the end of January/early February.

Station Platform

At the central and southern end of the station platform, the old timber platform has been removed and new drainage is being installed. The precast concrete platform has been put in place and the concreting of the new platform is complete.

Boxed and ready for precast concrete platform install
Boxed and ready for precast concrete platform install

Precast concrete platform installed and ready for concrete pour
Precast concrete platform installed and ready for concrete pour

If works continue at the current rate, the platform is on target for proposed re-opening in mid-February.

Park’n Ride Area

Bus shelter & bus lane

The concrete layer for the bus lane is nearing completion while the installation of concrete beams for the bus shelter foundation continues. The steel framework installation for the bus shelter has also begun.

Bus shelter steel frame work installation has begun
Bus shelter steel frame work installation has begun


The pavement construction is nearing completion and will soon be asphalted. The concrete pour for the new kerb line is also ongoing.

Pavement construction in the car park continues
Pavement construction in the car park continues


Temporary car park loss - Station Road carpark and drop-off

Works begin in the Station Road car park on Monday 16 October. The works are expected to take around four weeks to complete and will involve the temporary loss of six car parks.

Two mobility carparks will be retained and available at all times. Access to the station from Station Road will be retained at all times.

Please see the map below to see where the lost parks are located.

Pukekohe Station Temp Car Park Loss

9 October 2017

The first two weeks of night works at Pukekohe Station have progressed smoothly, allowing work to continue on construction of the new concrete platform as well as the new pedestrian over bridge. Night works continue on the platform this week, installing drainage and building the foundations for later installation of the platform kerb units.

Across the remainder of the site the new pedestrian overbridge is clearly starting to take shape. Concreting is complete on the Pier 4 lift shaft and well underway on the pier 2 lift shaft. The construction and installation of Pier 3 is also complete.

The new pedestrian overbridge taking shape  Pier 3 foreground Pier 4 l...

Caption: The new pedestrian overbridge taking shape: Pier 3 (foreground) Pier 4 lift shaft (background)

On the Manukau Road side of the station piling work continues on the bus shelter and drainage works for the new Park n Ride is well advanced complete.The Transdev offices have been relocated from is old site where the Custom Street park and ride site is being built to on the KiwiRail land on the other side of Custom Street.

26 September 2017

Night works begin Tuesday 26 September

Night works are scheduled to commence Tuesday, 26 September 2017 between the hours of 11.30pm and 4.30am. This will take place from Sunday to Thursday nights intermittently until mid-December 2017. The number of nights required each week will vary, but we expect a minimum of one night work each week will be required.

As part of the Pukekohe Station Upgrade works, Downer is rebuilding and raising the Station platform level and constructing one of the eastern piers and new lift shaft for the new over-bridge. To minimise disruption and ensure commuter safety, we are completing these works at night, outside train service operating hours. While we are taking all necessary steps to minimise disruption, please be aware there may be some construction noise coming from the site. We apologise if this causes any disturbance to everyone in the area.

25 September 2017

Station Road carpark and drop-off

Works will begin in the Station Road car park in Monday 16 October. Works are expected to take around four weeks to complete, and will involve the temporary loss of six car parks. Two mobility carparks will be retained and available at all times. Access to the station from Station Road will be retained at all times.

19 September

  • The new Transdev office deck is complete while the installation of utility services and compound fences is nearly finished and on target for office relocation on the weekend of 23-24 September.
  • The retaining wall for the new park and ride site is finished with the bus shelter piling to be undertaken once geo-tech testing has been concluded.
  • The new pedestrian overbridge is taking shape with precast concrete structures (vertical columns, horizontal beams, table top pier head) installed within the supporting falseworks on piers 3 & 4.

Platform work

Works to rebuild and raise the station platform level are scheduled to begin the weekend of 23-24 September, with night works from 25 September as required.

Station Road carpark and drop-off

Works are expected to begin on the Station Road car park in early October. This may involve the temporary loss of approximately six car parks. Two mobility carparks will be retained and available at all times.

30 August

Construction is progressing well and on target for completion early 2018. For the first two months, works have been located on the Manukau Road / Custom Street side of the track. The focus has been on three main areas:

  • Drainage and earth works for the new Transdev office site south of the overbridge. The existing offices will be moved as they currently lie where the new station park and ride carpark is being constructed.
  • Stormwater drainage for the new park and ride, in preparation for the pavement to be laid.
  • Construction of the new pedestrian overbridge between the new park and ride car park and Pukekohe Station.

Design image of the new pedestrian overbridge

Image: Design image of the new pedestrian overbridge.

In September, work will continue on these sites as well as commencing on the platform and Station Road side of the tracks. Works will also include replacing the old timber platform with a new concrete platform and starting construction on the lift to the station platform.

Station Road car parks temporary closure

Construction works are expected to commence in September on the Station Road car park to relocate the existing median. These works are expected to have minimal impact on parking.

Following the median relocation, work will commence on the Station Rd pier (where the new bridge meets Station Rd).
This will unfortunately require the temporary loss of around five carparks on Station Road. Please note that two mobility parks will always be available and access to the Station from the pier will remain open.

25 July

Works are progressing on stage two of the Pukekohe Station upgrade. The initial works have mostly been preparatory and getting the necessary infrastructure in place.

Transdev Depot

The rest of July and early August will focus on preparing for relocation of the Transdev depot including earthworks, drainage and kerbing activity. Transdev is scheduled to be relocated mid-August.

Park and Ride

Earthworks including drainage and pavement works for the new Park and Ride will continue for the remainder of July and August.

Pier 4

The contractor is currently working on the construction of the new lift pit base which will be part of the new rail overbridge.


Protective hoardings are scheduled to be installed on the platform in August. The purpose of the hoardings are to protect the public and to ensure station access is maintained at all times during construction.

17 July

Preparatory works have commenced on the Custom Street park and ride site. We anticipate beginning works on the Station Road and Pukekohe platform sites mid to late August.

We will provide more details about the specific timing and site information once these have been confirmed.

3 July 

Works on stage 2 of the station upgrade commence Monday, 10 July

The $15.4-million project will cover the build of the new park and ride area, improved bus station facilities, and a pedestrian overbridge at the new integrated bus and train station.

We expect to complete construction in early 2018.

Parking changes

  • As part of the upgrade, the KiwiRail land near the V8 bridge, unofficially used for car parking, will be closed indefinitely from Monday, 10 July.
  • If you use this parking facility, please make alternative plans. Given there is limited on-street parking nearby, you may want to consider taking the bus to and from the station. With new Simpler Fares, you can pay one fare for using up to 5 buses and trains across 4 hours, with no more than a 30-minute transfer using your AT HOP card. Terms of use for AT HOP cards are available at AT.govt.nz/athopterms.
  • The V8 bridge will remain open to the public. Pedestrian access to will be via the footpath running along the fence line on the right-hand side of the KiwiRail land as you enter from Custom Street.

Image: Map of the closed KiwiRail land.

Pukekohe station map

20 February

Over the past 2 months, good progress has been made on the new station:

  • Piling works have now been fully completed at the site for the new pedestrian overbridge, which will connect Station Road to Custom Street.
  • Piling works for overbridge have been tendered and awarded, with building consents obtained.
  • Rail corridor piles were successfully installed during the Christmas break.
  • Electronic passenger information screen, passenger info board, and tag on/off machine have been relocated on the platform in preparation for future construction works.

Get full details in the February project newsletter (PDF 1.2MB)

Pukekohe Station works Jan17

Image: A temporary road placed over the rail tracks that allowed the contractor’s crane and piling rig to cross onto the platform.

13 January

Parking lot closed, 15 to 30 January.

To allow for the completion of essential piling works, we are closing the parking lot on Station Road from the evening of Sunday 15 January to Monday 30 January.

If you use this parking facility, you will need to make alternative plans during this time. We apologise for any disruption this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please note:

  • Two disabled car parking spaces will be unavailable during this time. As no alternative disabled parking spaces are located nearby, we recommend affected passengers use Papakura Station until the spaces are restored.
  • Pedestrian access to the station will also be affected. An alternative access route will be clearly signposted. Access to the rail bridge will be kept open and monitored accordingly.


12 December

Over the next few weeks and into the new year, these works are planned:

  • Laying the foundation (piling) for the new pedestrian overbridge that will connect Station Road to Custom Street.
  • Painting of the new cycle lane leading to the intersection of Manukau Road and minor repairs.
  • Between 27 and 31 December, piling works will be undertaken at the station. This will involve drilling 30m long piles. Subsequent piles will be installed in January. Work will be undertaken between 6am and 6pm (work will start at 4.00am on 27 December).
  • Other isolated works on the rail platform and layout changes.

Changes to the station’s layout from 13 December

  • On 13 December, the existing Passenger Information Display will be relocated to the underside of the station building.
  • Between 13 and 23 December, the base of the station ramp will be temporarily reconfigured to avoid the construction area for the new overbridge. This will see a temporary ramp section installed to ensure continued access is provided.
  • On 13 December (during off peak hours), the AT HOP card reader at the base of the station ramp will be temporarily relocated to the end of the new temporary ramp. An alternative HOP card reader can be found under the station building.
  • Between 13 and 23 December (from 10pm to 5am), the 2 plant boxes located adjacent to the station building will be removed.
  • Between 13 and 23 December, the station information board will be removed, with a temporary information board positioned under the station building.
  • Between 15 and 23 December (during off peak hours), a section of the timber platform is planned to be cut out and replaced with a temporary section. This is to allow easier machine access onto the platform and reduce disruption to passengers.

Disruption to train services at Pukekohe Station - 27 December to 3 January 2017

Buses will replace all trains between Pukekohe and Otahuhu stations from Tuesday, 27 December 2016 until Tuesday, 3 January 2017 (inclusive). 

The closure is to allow for important improvements and maintenance work on the rail network. There are a number of worksites between the stations where upgrades will be happening.

See a map of the rail replacement bus stop in Pukekohe (PDF 374KB)

December newsletter

Download the second Pukekohe Station project newsletter (PDF 1.17MB)

23 November


Main construction work on upgrading Pukekohe Station to a fully-integrated bus and train interchange started today.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges and Mayor Phil Goff marked the start of main construction work with the turning of the first sods.

18 November

Access between Custom St and Pukekohe station.

There is a temporary pedestrian overbridge at the southern end of the station for access to and from Custom St. Please be aware this overbridge has stairs.

Access for those who can not use stairs is over Massey Avenue and along the walkway beside the rail line down to the station.

2 November

AT has released images of what the upgraded Pukekohe Station will most likely look like once construction is complete in late 2017.

31 October

The New Network for South Auckland (including Pukekohe and Waiuku) has been launched.

Find out more about the new buses and bus routes.

30 September

Read the first Pukekohe Station project update newsletter (PDF 1.77MB)

8 September

From 12 September, these changes will be made to the layout of the Harris Street/Manukau Road intersection:

  • Left turn only into Harris St from Manukau Rd.
  • Left turn only out of Harris St into Manukau Rd.
  • No right turns from Harris St into Manukau Rd or from Manukau Rd into Harris St.

See a map of changes around Harris Street (PDF 166KB)

The restrictions will allow the construction of new kerbs and footpaths and will become permanent once works have been completed.

5 September

Custom St entrance to Auckland Council service centre closed.

As part of the work on the Manukau Road-Custom Street intersection, the public carpark entrance to the Auckland Council Pukekohe Service Centre on Custom St will be closed until September 2017.

  • The carpark entrance off Manukau Road will remain open at all times.
  • There will be some minor disruption with noise.
  • Traffic management staff will be on site to provide assistance if required.

See a map of the changes around Custom Street (PDF 240KB)

19 July

A dawn blessing ceremony has marked the start of the first phase of construction of Pukekohe's new bus and train station.

Read the media release: Construction to start on new Pukekohe bus and train station.


16 December

AT held a public meeting on 8 December at the Franklin Arts Centre to discuss proposed changes to the Manukau Road/Custom Street intersection as part of Pukekohe Station upgrade project.

Get details of changes proposed for the Manukau Road/Custom Street intersection.

14 October

An information session was held at Pukekohe Station on 14 October. The session was attended by about 150 people who were able to see the project information boards and get their questions answered by the project team.

5 October

Work is about to begin work on the detailed design of the new bus-train facility at Pukekohe Station.

AT has engaged mana whenua, the Franklin Historical Society and the Franklin Local Board to identify possible opportunities to incorporate cultural and historical connections into the design.