Train stations pedestrian level crossing Train stations pedestrian level crossing

Auckland Transport and Kiwi Rail are working together to install automatic safety swing gates to keep pedestrians safe at various stations across the city.

Project status: Construction 
Project zone: Region-wide

Project overview

 Automatic safety swing gates are being installed at various pedestrian level crossings across the city. 

The gates are activated by a sensor on the tracks and close automatically to stop people crossing the tracks when a train is near. They add another level of protection at crossings, in addition to warning signs, signal lights and alarm bells.


  • Keeps people safely off the rail corridor.
  • Reduce the number of train strike related accidents.

Project details

  • Auckland Transport is gating a number of pedestrian level crossing across the Auckland rail network.
  • The project aims to improve safety for pedestrians, especially school children who cross over the tracks regularly.
  • The new pedestrian safety swing gates railway crossings are activated by a sensor on the tracks and have a safety zone with an emergency exit gate.
  • When a train is approaching, the bells sound, red alarms lights come on and the crossing gate will automatically close.
  • Pedestrians are advised to stay behind the swing gate and wait it is fully open before crossing.
  • When pedestrians have started to cross and the gates start closing, they can:
    • Continue crossing the tracks to the other side and wait in the safe zone,
    • Return to the safe zone that they entered.
  • Once pedestrians are in the safety zone (on the other side), they can push the emergency exit gate to walk through.

Rail Crossing Programme

Morningside Drive Te Mahia Station
Metcalfe Road, Ranui Spartan Road, Takaanini
Glenview Road, Glen Eden Taka Street, Takaanini
Asquith Avenue, Mt Albert Glen Innes Station
Rossgrove Terrace, Mt Albert  Bruce McLaren Road, Henderson
Woodward Road, Mt Albert  George Street, Mt Eden
Lloyd Avenue, Mt Albert  Church Street East, Penrose
Fruitvale Road, New Lynn  Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson
Chalmers Street, Avondale Captain Springs Road, Onehunga
St Jude Road, Avondale
St George Road, Avondale
Portage Road, New Lynn 
Tironui Crossing, Takaanini
Manaroa Road, Takaanini
Walters Road, Takaanini
Takaanini Station

Closed level crossings: Sarawia Street, Newmarket and Shirley Road, Papatoetoe.

Staying Safe at Railway Crossings

Pedestrian level crossing safety gates how to cross instructions

Using your safety swing gates:

  1. Gates will activate automatically as trains are approaching.
  2. Warning bells will sound, lights will flash, and the gate will close soon after.
  3. If you have started to cross as the alarm and flashing lights begin, keep walking to the other side of the crossing. Enter the safety zone in front of the emergency exit gate.
  4. Once you are in the safety zone, push the release button to open the gate and exit safely. If there is no button, simply push open the gate and exit.

Watch our video for some quick safety tips to keep you safe around trains, stations, level crossings and tracks. Stay alert, to stay safe.

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