Safe speeds on rural roads Safe speeds on rural roads

Auckland has approximately 1,900 km of sealed and about 800 km of unsealed rural roads. AT is reviewing Auckland’s rural speed limits, and where appropriate adopting new safe speeds.

Roads that are subject to speed limit changes

  • are either high-risk roads or close to high-risk roads
  • have high crash rates or are close to roads with high crash rates
  • have speed limits which are unsuitable – they could be winding, unsealed and hilly •
  • it is not possible to drive to the current posted speed due to the road’s layout
  • don’t have a centre median strip or road markings.

To achieve safety outcomes through infrastructure alone would be simply unaffordable and create large scale construction disruption and would cost up to 20 billion.

Historically, rural roads followed the UK and adopted a 100km/h speed limit. However, in New Zealand driving at 100km/h on some rural roads would be unsafe.

We know many people already drive to the road conditions, however not everyone does. Applying appropriate speed limits will guide those drivers who may be unfamiliar with the road - and help them to get where they are going safely.