Speed changes happening now Speed changes happening now

Following public consultation and engagement, AT is implementing safe speed limits on more than 800 roads in Auckland, predominantly in the south and around schools.

Phase 2 of the Safe Speeds Programme - New safe speed limits are coming

New speed limits will come into effect between 30 June to 28 July 2022 on roads in Franklin East, South Auckland including Ōtara Town Centre and a residential area in Manurewa, plus a few community requested roads in Freemans Bay and Ponsonby.

The purpose of safe speed limits is to save lives and prevent serious injuries. It is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce road trauma. And the evidence is clear – safe speed limits saves lives.

Vision for Auckland

Imagine Auckland as a city with improved road safety, where kids are safe to walk and bike to school, older people feel less vulnerable crossing town centre roads and both rural and urban roads are safe for all road users with reduced road trauma and no deaths. It is possible if we all play our part.

Safe speeds deliver many benefits to Auckland communities including thriving town centres where there are safe street environments for walking and cycling.

Safe speed limits do work - the proof

  • In areas where speeds were changed on 30 June 2020 we have seen a 71 per cent reduction in deaths and more than a 15 per cent reduction in serious injuries.
  • 30km/h is the internationally accepted speed to greatly reduce the chances of people walking or cycling from being killed or seriously injured.
  • Evidence shows more than 70 per cent of fatal crashes in Auckland involve speeding.  Safe speed limits saves lives.  

Support Auckland Transport’s goal

Tāmaki Makaurau’s death and serious injury from road trauma is unacceptable. 

Auckland Transport values every person and how they get around the city i.e., people walk, bike, scooter, and use mobility scooters and it’s our responsibiity to watch out for all road users. 

Setting safe speed limits is only one part of AT’s road safety programme. AT is investing in making our roads safer by investing in improved road quality, driver education and working with NZ Police to improve enforcement.    

We need your help

We need Aucklanders to help to spread the message that safe speed limits saves lives and to support our work to lower the death and serious injury rate on Auckland’s roads and keep all road users safe.

Safe speed is part of a global and national road safety movement.

Auckland Transport’s safe speed programme is part of both a national (Road to Zero) and global (Vision Zero) campaign to reduce road speed to save lives and prevent road trauma.

Setting safe speeds limits is only one part of AT’s road safety programme. AT is investing in making our roads safer by improving the quality of our roads and driver education. We work closely with our road safety partners such as NZ Police to improve enforcement.

Facts about speed

It is speed that determines the outcome of a crash. Even when speed doesn’t cause the crash, it’s what determines whether anyone is killed, seriously injured, or walks away unharmed from that crash.

Image showing chances of person surviving after a crash reduce as speed increases.