Wynyard Quarter bus routes Wynyard Quarter bus routes

Auckland Transport (AT) is building new bus stops and upgrading existing ones in Wynyard Quarter. The improved stops will support the more frequent and reliable bus network for central Auckland.

Project status: Construction.
Project zone: Central.

Project overview

When Wynyard Quarter is fully developed by 2030, 3000 residents will call it home and 25,000 people will work in the area.

To support this growth, AT is improving public transport services to and from the quarter. This will also support the implementation of our simpler, more integrated new network for the central Auckland suburbs (planned to be introduced mid 2018) and form part of our strategy to improve city-wide public transport services.

Bus stop locations

From 5 July 2020 buses will travel through Wynyard Quarter on Daldy Street and Beaumont Street and not Halsey Street. Four new bus stops on Daldy St will open. The bus stops on Halsey Street (north of Fanshawe Street) will close.

Map of the new 75 and CityLink bus routes through Wynyard Quarter.
Map of the new 75 and CityLink bus routes through Wynyard Quarter.

Features and benefits

  • High quality bus stops and street furniture.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Greater public transport choice.
  • Better integration of roads, footpaths, and cycleways.
  • Reduced car dependency.

Bus routes

Bus services to/through Wynyard Quarter:

  • City Link service runs every 7 to 8 minutes from around 6am to midnight, 7 days a week
  • 75 service runs every 15 minutes all day, and up to 30 minutes at other times, 7 days a week connecting Remuera Road with Auckland City Hospital, and Midtown to Wynyard Quarter
  • The 20 service runs every 15 minutes from 7am to 7pm, and about every 20 minutes at other times, 7 days a week. It travels through Ponsonby and Kingsland to St Lukes.

If you are travelling from other parts of Auckland, you can connect to the 75 bus service at Symonds Street and Midtown. Under the zonal fare structure, there is no additional cost if you use your AT HOP card.

Walking and cycling

AT and Panuku Development Auckland are partnering together to make Wynyard Quarter an even more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly place, and to provide a world-class waterfront for Aucklanders.

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