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Auckland Transport

Local notices to mariners

Notices to mariners cover events, local issues and infrastructure issues that may affect navigation in the Auckland region.

Local navigation warnings

For any enquiries please contact:

Local notices to mariners currently in force

Notice: 18-17: Weiti River, land slip (upper reaches) 8 June 2017

All mariners are advised that a land slip has occurred in the upper reaches of the Weiti River, potentially impeding navigation and all mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution in this area.

Local notice 18-17 Weiti River land slip

Map is not to be used for navigation.

Christiaan Moss, Deputy Harbourmaster

Notice 15-17: Ranger Rock Isolated Danger Marker 29 April 2017

All mariners are advised that as a result of recent weather, the Isolated Danger on Ranger Rock between Harrier Point and Beach Haven Wharf has fallen over and is no longer visible.

All mariners are asked to navigate with caution when transiting through this area.

Notice 15-17 chart

Map is not to be used for navigation.

Wesley Klopper, Maritime Officer

08-17: Chart Plotters - updated 14 March 2017

All Mariners are reminded that electronic chart plotters are to be used as an aid to navigation and paper charts should be updated and consulted.

Electronic raster charts used on some plotters may not incorporate the latest chart corrections.

Mariners are reminded to use up to date charts for navigation and advised to contact their plotter supplier if in doubt.

Harbourmaster’s Office

07-17: Tamaki Strait to Kawakawa Bay, debris in the water reported on 10 March 2017

All mariners are advised that as a result of recent weather, a significant quantity of debris may be encountered while navigating in the Tamaki Strait and wider area. All mariners are asked to navigate with caution when transiting through this area.

Local Notice 07-17 Tamaki Strait to Kawakawa Bay

Map not to be used for navigation.

Karl McLeod, Maritime Officer

57-14: Henderson Creek, significant shoaling reported between beacons 14 & 16

Mariners are advised that significant shoaling has been reported on the southern side of the Henderson Creek between beacons 14 and 16. Mariners should proceed with caution while navigating in this area.

Christiaan Moss, Deputy Harbourmaster

15-16: Construction work north face Ferguson Terminal

Significant construction work is taking place on the northern face of Ferguson Container Terminal. All mariners, in particular ferry operators, are asked to reduce their speed (5 knots within 200 meters) and keep wake to a minimum when transiting this area.

Notice 15 16 Ferguson Terminal

Marc Davis, Maritime Officer

Pest warning: Mediterranean Fanworm

The Mediterranean Farmworn is a pest which has been spotted in the Waitemata Harbour / inner Hauraki Gulf, as well as the Whangarei Harbour and Lyttleton Port.

Keep your boat's hull clean to reduce the risk of this pest clinging and causing damage to our marine life.

Marine Biosecurity Information: New Rules & Regulations

Marine pests spread easily through ballast water and hull fouling, including Mediterranean fanworm (Sabella spallanzanii) and Clubbed tunicate (Styela clava). Check to ensure your hull is clean and be aware of other regions rules before leaving Auckland.

Visit for more information and to check marine biosecurity rules and regulations for different regions in the northern North Island.

Read further information on marine pests (PDF 334KB)

Maritime VHF Channels: changes from 1 October 2016

New Zealand, along with a number of other countries, is required to change some maritime VHF repeater channels to make space for newly allocated international services for ship-tracking and data services.

New Zealand will be moving a few private VHF repeater services, most Coastguard VHF repeater services, and all NowCasting weather services to accommodate these changes.

The frequency changes will take place in New Zealand on 1 October 2016, before the peak summer recreational boating season when VHF radio services become busy. This ensures New Zealand is ready for the changes that come into force internationally on 1 January 2017.

For more information and to find out which repeater and weather forecast channels you should be using from 1 October:

Weather information

For up-to-date weather information, visit the MetService website.

For VHF radio continuous weather forecast, please listen on Ch 20, 21, 22, 23 (channel depending on location).