Working with others Working with others

Some of the organisations Auckland Transport works with to deliver Auckland's transport requirements.

New Zealand Transport Agency

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) was established on 1 August 2008, combining the expertise and functions of Land Transport New Zealand and Transit New Zealand.

NZTA ensures the government's national priorities are achieved and works with the Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and other local councils to plan for their land transport needs.

Other functions include:

  • building and maintaining state highways including Auckland motorways;
  • supporting the use of buses and trains;
  • licensing cars;
  • providing cycleways and walkways.

NZTA nominates a non-voting member to Auckland Transport’s Board of Directors to ensure transport decisions include a national perspective.

Auckland Council

Auckland Council, established on 1 November 2010, represents nearly 1.5 million people stretching from Wellsford in the north to Franklin in the south. While Auckland Council owns the local road network, Auckland Transport manages and maintains it.

Auckland Council agrees a statement of intent with Auckland Transport, which contains performance measures for transport. Council also sets the overall strategic direction and develops a Long-term Council Community Plan, which sets out transport funding.

Land for new transport projects will be bought or sold by the Council, based on Auckland Transport’s recommendations.

Local boards

Local boards make decisions on local matters, provide local leadership and build strong communities. There are 21 boards with 149 members operating across Auckland.

Auckland Transport works closely with local boards to deliver transport services throughout Auckland and boards have their say on the transport programme prepared by Auckland Transport.

Every three years, boards develop a local plan that outlines the community’s aspirations and priorities, desired projects and potential funding. Each board oversees local services and has a budget to meet the cost of providing these services.

Other CCOs

A Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) is a company or organisation in which a local authority controls 50% or more of the votes, or has a right to appoint 50% or more of the directors or trustees.

Other major CCOs of the Auckland Council are Watercare Services, Auckland Council Investments, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Regional Facilities Auckland, Auckland Council Property, and Panuku Developments Auckland.

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