Manurewa and Māngere Transport Choices Manurewa and Māngere Transport Choices

Update January 2024

In October 2023 Waka Kotahi advised Auckland Transport that all future CERF construction commitments and funding approvals for the Transport Choices programme of work were paused until they received clear direction from the incoming government on their transport investment priorities. 

The Minister of Transport, the Honourable Simeon Brown, has advised Auckland Transport of the following decision regarding the proposed Climate Emergency Response fund (CERF)- Transport Choices projects

  • All projects that were on hold at the end of October 2023 will not receive any further funding and will therefore not proceed to implementation/construction as part of Transport Choices.

Auckland Transport will continue to look for alternative funding sources for these projects.


We’re investing in Manurewa & Māngere to give the community lower cost travel choices which includes short walking & cycling distances to schools, local shops and public transport. By doing so, we can build a transport system that’s sustainable for the next generation.

Learn more on our Transport Choices programme page.

On this page:

Proposed project location maps

Manurewa Package 2 Map

Manurewa Package 1 Map

Key focus areas

Pedestrian improvements – new and improved footpaths

Creating safe and attractive walkable neighbourhoods, including new and improved footpaths and safe crossings requested by schools and the community.

Proposed locations

  • Doctor Pickering Avenue, Manurewa – new footpath
  • Elrita Place, Conifer Grove
  • Ashkirk Place, Wattle Downs
  • Eulogy Place, Randwick Park
  • Tamworth Close, Manurewa

Inform process completed, now awaiting final funding approval from Waka Kotahi 

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

The provision of improved crossing facilities supports and encourages active travel around local communities.

Most of the projects being delivered in the Manurewa CERF package use raised crossings that are level with the footpath. Raised pedestrian crossings have a proven safety record and align with Auckland Transport’s Vision Zero policy and fit well with encouraging active modes journeys as part of the drive to reduce vehicle emissions and meet Auckland Council’s Climate policies. Being raised provides pedestrians with improved visibility to see approaching vehicles and allows drivers to better see pedestrians waiting to cross.

Proposed locations

  • David and Dennis Avenue, Manurewa
  • Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Farm
  • Beatty Avenue, Manurewa
  • Burundi Avenue, Clendon Park
  • Grand Vue Drive, Manurewa
  • Hadley Wood Drive, Wattle Downs (TBC based on consultation feedback)
  • Kerrydale Road, Manurewa
  • Tington Avenue, Wattle Downs

Consultation process completed, now awaiting final funding approval from Waka Kotahi 

Public Transport

Our project will be working to improve access train stations, along with upgrades to bus infrastructure. That includes additional shelters, seating and so on.


Accelerating the delivery of safe, connected cycleways to key destinations (schools, local shops and train stations). Along with that, we will be implementing initiatives that cause growth in numbers to those choosing to cycle, such as bike training and bike hubs!

Pop-up cycleways and intersection improvements

This project will implement cycle separators on existing cycleways and improve intersections along each of the corridors (Great South Road, Weymouth Road and Browns Road).

Physically separating existing cycle facilities (or pop-up cycleways) from traffic lanes is a programme of quick interventions focussed on improving road network efficiency as well as cyclist safety.

Proposed locations

  • Browns Road, Manurewa
  • Weymouth Road, Manurewa 
  • Great South Road, Manurewa 

Consultation for Weymouth Road and Great South Road is now complete, with funding approved for the project to go ahead at these locations. For more details, visit Manurewa cycle and intersection improvements

Download the full Community Feedback Report (PDF 1.57MB).

Safe and healthy school streets - South Auckland

Five schools participated in the Safe and healthy school streets - South Auckland programme in from November 2020 - February 2022. This programme was funded through the Waka Kotahi Innovating Streets Funding.

The objective of the programme was to work in close partnership with each school to both understand the issues regarding safety and active travel modes for school journeys.

The programme’s aims were to:

  • Build an environment to support more compliant and alert driving behaviours 
  • Make it more difficult to park illegally/unsafely outside the school gate
  • Increase visibility of school children around the school 
  • Increase awareness of drivers that they are approaching a school environment 
  • Make the school environment more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Achieve a safe system traffic speed where appropriate and make it more consistent  

Proposed locations

  • Māngere Central School
  • Māngere College
  • St Mary Mackillop
  • Viscount School
  • Wiri Central School

Inform process completed, now awaiting final funding approval from Waka Kotahi 

Moyle & Māngere Central Park shared use path upgrade

AT is upgrading the existing shared walking and cycling path that runs through Moyle and Mangere central park. This has been discussed and planned with the community for a number of years through various projects, however now with the Climate Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) – Transport Choices (TC) funding we are able to progress the project to delivery.

The proposal includes the upgrade of the existing path from Bader Drive, along SH20 to a 4m wide Shared Use Path (SUP) (approximately 1.1km) and installing a section of new SUP from the over bridge on Mangere Central Park (approximately 400m).

The objective of this project is to improve cycling links to existing and future proof for new cycle lanes, improve safety and enable cycling as a viable and environmentally friendly alternative mode of transport in Māngere.

Inform process completed, now awaiting final funding approval from Waka Kotahi


These packages are a part of a wider range of improvement projects backed by the Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF) – Transport Choices (TC). All projects are subject to a final delivery decision being made by Waka Kotahi.

With their backing, we’re able to

  • provide communities across Tāmaki Makaurau with a wider range of efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable transport options.
  • get people to their destinations and home safely and efficiently.

This package of projects will help address our current infrastructure deficit, future-proof for more population growth and address climate change.

Project timeline

All projects will need to be delivered prior to 30 June 2025 to meet the funding criteria.

Construction timeline will be updated regularly on this page as we progress with our works. Affected residents will be informed prior to works commencing and will have the opportunity to raise queries and concerns.