Safer journey for rural schools guide Safer journey for rural schools guide

Auckland Transport has worked with NZ Transport Agency to develop a Safer Journeys for Rural Schools Guide. The guide will improve road safety around rural schools.

The Safer Journeys for Rural Schools Guide consists of two parts: a technical guide and a guide for schools.

Technical guide

The technical guide will provide a way for road-controlling authorities to systematically assess risk at, and around, rural schools. It builds on existing assessments and methodology work done by many road-controlling authorities.

The guide provides a comprehensive set of possible Safe System solutions for schools and road-controlling authorities to assess (and if necessary improve) road safety in rural school environments.

The methodology outlined in the guide will help the NZTA and other road-controlling authorities prioritise actions to reduce risk through standard planning and investment processes.

Safer journeys for rural schools (PDF 4.42MB)

Guide for schools

The second part is a user-friendly guide to help empower schools to engage with their road-controlling authorities on safety. This will enable parents, school staff and boards of trustees to improve road safety in their local community.

It contains a clear process that school communities can follow, guidance on how to communicate with relevant authorities, and a ‘toolbox’ of good practice solutions that may be used to address school road safety issues.

Options include speed-management, engineering changes on the roads and roadsides, parking and school bus stops and pick-ups, enforcement practices and the provision of information to the school community.

School Road Safety companion guide (PDF 1.6MB)