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AT HOP cards purchased over 10 years ago are now beginning to expire. You cannot top up expired HOP cards or use them to travel on public transport. 

If your registered HOP card expires

We will notify you via email when your card is about to expire or if it has already expired. Emails will be sent from

  • Follow the instructions in the email to receive a new HOP card in the mail for free.
  • Note that currently there is no visible expiry date printed on your HOP card or mentioned in your MyAT account.
AT HOP card

If your card is unregistered

If you travel with an expired HOP card

You will receive an error message saying “Card Problem Buy a Cash Ticket”.

This may be because your card has expired, and you will need to:

Note that all confirmed expired HOP cards will be replaced free of charge.

For travel on trains and ferries, you can also purchase a paper ticket at the terminal. 

Remaining balance and concession on your expired HOP card

  • Any remaining balance on your expired HOP card can be transferred to your new, replacement card through a balance transfer.
  • Any pending transaction will be reversed onto your nominated EFTPOS/credit card or bank account.
  • If you had a concession on your expired HOP card, this will also be transferred to the replacement card, except Community Connect concession. 
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