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Our mission

We’re on a mission to create a transport future for Auckland that is cleaner, quieter and more comfortable for all.

A future where Grrr becomes Shhh as we replace diesel buses with electric.

Where electric ferries move across the Hauraki Gulf leaving behind nothing but their wake.

Where every train glides across our city powered by just clean, quiet electricity.

A future where everyone can move across Auckland with ease and without emissions. Mission Electric has already begun to build this future.

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Latest updates

First Electric Double Decker

We welcome our first fully electric double decker bus. The first in Auckland that will be primarily servicing route 18 in West Auckland. This bus will reduce 79 tonnes of emissions per year.

Halsey Street Bus Shelter

Having a plan and working towards the goal of reducing our impact on the environment and making our public transport network electric is the reason for Mission Electric. And what better way to show you our plan then to bring it to life in a bus shelter outside our office. The Hasley Street bus shelter will show our goals and plans as we work hard to make our entire Public Transport network electric by 2040.

New Lynn goes electric

Route 24 is now fully electric. With the New Lynn bus depot going electric, there are now 43 amazing clean, green EV buses that will be servicing route 24. This is West Auckland first electric bus depot and first full electric bus route in West Auckland.

The depot has the latest technology to reduce burden on the grid and improve the environmental impact of Auckland’s electric bus fleet – all without putting Auckland’s energy supply at risk.

AT now has 133 zero – emission buses in its fleet, making it the largest number of zero-emission buses for a New Zealand city, with even more buses to be added over the next couple of year.

Low Emission Bus Roadmap

See our latest Low Emission Bus Roadmap for Auckland (2.92MB)

Goals we've achieved

We have already achieved a number of significant goals on our mission towards a fully electric fleet, with more to come.


  • Auckland Council declared a climate emergency. In response, AT committed to helping significantly reduce carbon emissions by having a 100% electric fleet.
  • The Climate Change Response Act came into action.
  • We began working to turn our transport fleet electric.


  • All 8 diesel buses on Waiheke Island were replaced with electric buses.
  • 9 electric buses went live on the AirportLink service.
  • The CityLink fleet introduced 12 fully electric buses. 


  • New Zealand's first hydrogen fuel cell bus was unveiled.
  • The ​Hydrogen fuel cell electric bus trial began.
  • 85% of Auckland's train network became electric.
  • We began electrifying the Papakura to Pukekohe train line.
  • All AirportLink buses going fully electric.


  • The TāmakiLink bus service and 26 other Eastern Bay buses became fully electric. 
  • All AT trains go fully electric.
  • Panmure Depot goes fully electric. First in Australasia. 


  • All New Lynn to the City route 24 buses go fully electric.
  • AT operation emissions reduced by 54%.

This is just the start. Keep an eye out for what's next!

What's to come

Electric buses

Our entire bus fleet will become electric and hydrogen powered.

Electric ferries

Auckland's first fully electric ferry will begin operating and hydrogen ferries will be introduced.

Electric trains

Trains will be electric all the way to Pukekohe in 2025, and eventually, the entire train network will be electric.

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