Travelwise for intermediate schools Intermediate schools

The Travelwise intermediate school programme focuses on improving road safety knowledge and developing students' leadership skills. 

The programme has been specially designed to link the important stage between primary and secondary school.


  • Give students an understanding of what Travelwise is.
  • Motivate students to lead Travelwise activities in their schools.
  • Develop students' leadership skills.
  • Plan and create a Travelwise campaign to meet the needs of the school.
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn from other schools.
  • Devise a plan of action for students to recruit new student leaders.

Intermediate schools programme

Getting started

  • Community Transport Coordinator works with your school to establish or maintain a student leader group.
  • The student group will then define a campaign topic that addresses an issue specific to the schools needs.

Campaign planning

  • Community Transport Coordinator supports the student group to plan and organise a campaign around an issue.
  • Student group and teacher attend the regional intermediate school workshop.

Find out more information about campaign planning.

Make it happen

  • Student group delivers the campaign.
  • Lead teachers attend a professional development workshop.

Next steps

  • Student group evaluates the success of campaign.
  • Student group identifes next steps and key drivers for the following year.
  • Succession recruitment for the next student group.

What Travelwise can do for intermediate students

  • Encourages students to take an interest in their school community.
  • Builds confidence and independence.
  • Provides leadership opportunities.
  • Supports students to make safe and active travel choices.


Resources are available for both students and teachers. See resources to assist with travelwise programme planning. 

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