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Travelwise consultants with a laptop sit at a booth, watching as their clients arrange coloured sticky notes on a large sheet of paper

Who should apply

The first step to reducing your travel footprint and costs is understanding your current situation. To gain a clearer picture of staff travel to and from work, Travelwise can help you conduct a comprehensive staff travel survey, free to qualifying businesses.


The best candidates for Travelwise for business:

  • Have 100 or more employees
  • Are near public transportation options
  • Have made a commitment to sustainability.

Travelwise for business is only for organisations based in Auckland. Contact us to see if your business qualifies.

The Travelwise journey

While every business is different, here’s what your journey with us could look like:

  1. Sign up to Travelwise – Get in touch with us to register your business. We’ll assign you a Travelwise Business Partner to guide you throughout your journey.
  2. Find out how your staff are travelling – The travel survey will reveal how many staff are already using public transport and active modes like walking and cycling, and what proportion are using private vehicles daily, often with just one occupant.
  3. Gain insights from survey data – We’ll use your survey results to identify how to best reduce your business’s environmental impact and travel costs. You’ll also gain insight on staff stress factors, which can offer opportunities to increase employee satisfaction.
  4. Make a Plan – Your Travel Plan will be tailored to what’s important for your business and will include goals, activities, and timeframes as well as who will be responsible for delivery.
  5. Take action – We’ll leverage a core set of strategies and tools, adapting them to your business needs. These could include incentivising the use of public transport, encouraging carpooling, and providing guidance on setting up your business so employees can work from home. We also offer opportunities to try e-bikes and can make recommendations on end-of-trip facilities, to support a behavioural shift to active transport modes like walking and cycling. 
  6. Keep moving – Work with the Travelwise team to track how your business is performing against your sustainability goals. We’ll re-survey your staff every year or two. 
The benefits of flexible working
Rear view of a Travelwise consultant on a video call with her client

Businesses with effective work-from-home policies are saving money by reducing their office footprint.

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