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Why you should register your card

It’s a good idea to register your AT HOP card online.

You can register multiple cards in your MyAT account, including cards for other people, such as family and friends. Registered card holders must be at least 5 years old. 

With a registered card, you can:

  • top up online
  • apply for a concession
  • get your credit refunded if your card is lost or stolen.

Just report it to us within 1 hour of losing it and your balance can be transferred to a new card. We cannot refund or transfer your balance if the card is not registered. 

Please note that once you’ve registered a card to your account, you cannot unregister the card or transfer it to a different account.

How to register an AT HOP card (3 steps)

Update or confirm your details

In your MyAT account

  • Update your contact details and date of birth to complete your AT HOP account setup.
  • Verify your email address before moving on to the next step. 

Register the card

Log into your MyAT account

  • From the menu, select ‘Register a card’.
  • Enter the card number on the back of your HOP card.
  • Click ‘Register card’.

Registering an AT HOP card for someone else

There are 2 ways to register a card for someone else. You can add the person’s card to your account or help them create their own MyAT account. 

If you will manage the card 

You can choose to manage a card for someone else.

For example:

  • managing a child’s HOP card
  • a business managing HOP cards for employees.

To manage a card for someone else in your own MyAT account, you need to create a linked account.

How to create a linked account 

  1. Create or log in to your MyAT account 
  2. Go to ‘Register AT HOP card’
  3. Select ‘New linked account’
  4. Add the details of the person using the card.


  • If the person you’re registering the card for wants to manage their own card later on, they will need to buy a new card, create their own MyAT account and register.
  • You cannot transfer balances between linked and primary accounts.

If they will manage the card themselves

You can help someone set up their MyAT account so they can manage the account and card themselves.

For example:

  • helping a relative register a card to their own MyAT account so they can apply for a concession.
  • managing a card for a teen who will eventually take over the account and manage it themselves.

You will need the person’s name, email address and contact details to register their card. 

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