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About AT’s physical works supplier panels

Auckland Transport uses Physical Works Supplier Panels for the engagement of construction category contractors where the scope of work includes:

  • Construction of roads including bridges, streetscape, and traffic signals;
  • Construction of transport interchanges including car parks and busway stations/rail stations buildings; and;
  • Up to 20% of the annual road corridor rehabilitation works.

Excluded works/services

Some works/services are excluded from the Panel Scope, they are:

  • Bus shelters.
  • Marine work.
  • Line marking.
  • Train rolling stock supply.
  • Electrical installations.
  • Glass and glazing.
  • Mechanical plant manufacture.
  • Electronic technology.
  • Steel fabrication.
  • Sign manufacture.
  • Mobile building supply.
  • Sail making.
  • Tree pruning.

Panel size

Panel Contract value range Panel size Term (years)
Panel one $5M and above to maximum value of $50M                   7 Suppliers 3+3+3
Panel two Up to $5M 14 Suppliers 2+2+2

Panel members

Panelist Panel 1 Panel 2
Dempsey Wood Civil Limited x x
John Fillmore Contracting Limited x x
HEB Construction Limited x x
Downer New Zealand Limited x x
Wharehine Construction Limited x x
Fulton Hogan Limited x x
The Fletcher Construction Company and Higgins Contractors Limited x  
Ventia NZ Operations Limited   x
Hibiscus Contractors Limited   x
Higgins Contractors Limited   x
Mason Contractors Pty Limited   x
Brian Perry Civil   x
CLL Service & Solutions Limited   x
Traffic Systems Limited   x
Troy Wheeler Contracting Limited   x
CSL Infrastructure Limited    
Chelsea Contracting Limited    
Asset Construction Limited    
J&R Contracting Limited    
Decker Landscapes and Civil Limited    
Paul Smith Earthmoving 2002 Limited    
Fort Projects Limited    
Maxbuild Limited    
Nayler Contractors Limited    
Opie Contractors 2014 Limited    

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Professional Services (PS) supplier panels

Auckland Transport (AT) currently has 4 supplier panels to support the procurement of professional services:

1. Transportation Engineering Professional Services (TEPS) 

There are 5 lead panellists (with various subconsultant partners) who undertake transport-related engineering professional services, up to the value of $1 million, across all of Auckland.


  • Traffic Engineering Services Limited (TES)
  • Eliga Limited
  • Harrison Grierson Consultants (HG) Limited
  • Beca Limited
  • Jacobs New Zealand Limited

Services delivered by the TEPS panel include:

  • investigation works/feasibility studies
  • topographical survey  
  • scheme assessments 
  • preliminary design 
  • detailed designs, including geometric designs 
  • safe system assessments (SSA) 
  • economic evaluation 
  • transport modelling 
  • peer reviews (of items within the services listed here) 
  • quantity surveying 
  • planning and consenting 
  • traffic resolutions report 
  • public consultation
  • general civil design
  • lighting design
  • construction management
  • structural, pavement, stormwater, geotechnical, business case, quantity surveying, engineer to contract and construction management support services (associated with TEPS work). 

Panel start date: January 2024

Panel contract term: 5 years (3+1+1)

Note: The previous Traffic and Transportation Engineering Professional Services (TTEPS) and Technical Support Services (TSS) supplier panels have expired and are no longer in use.

2. Property Acquisition (PAQ)

There are 3 workstream panels under the property acquisition portfolio, up to the value of $500,000, across all of Auckland.

Property negotiation consultancy panel

To secure required interests in land to enable the relevant public works to be delivered.


  • Align Limited
  • Beca Projects NZ Limited
  • The Property Group
  • Thomas Consultants

Property valuation services panel

To provide desktop valuation for impacted properties and assess the value of land, injurious affection to land and damage to land.


  • Gribble Churton Taylor Ltd
  • Telfer Young
  • Bayleys Valuations Limited
  • PWC Advisory (as specialist)
  • Roberts McKeown
  • North Harbour Valuer Ltd
  • Eyles McGough Ltd
  • Jones Lang Lasalle (as specialist)

Cadastral surveying services panel

To prepare required survey office plans, defining the area of land or interest in land to be acquired/taken in accordance with the Surveyor General’s Rules for Cadastral Survey and lodge plans with LINZ for approval.


  • Beca Projects NZ Limited
  • CKL
  • Woods and Partners Consultants Ltd
  • Cato Bolam Consultants Ltd
  • Birch Surveyors
  • Envivo
  • Survey Pro Ltd
  • Civil Plan Consultants Ltd
  • Thomas Consultants
  • Harrison Grierson
  • Candor3
  • WSP Opus
  • Calibre Consulting Ltd

Panel start date: January 2024

Panel contract term: 5 years (3+1+1)

3. Transport Monitoring Services and Innovative Solutions (TMS&IS)

There are 8 panellists who undertake transport-monitoring services and innovative solutions, up to the value of $500,000, across all of Auckland.


  • Matrix Traffic & Transport Data Ltd
  • Armitage Group Ltd
  • Traffic Engineering Management Ltd (Team Traffic)
  • Data Traffic
  • GKD Solutions Ltd
  • Be Counted Technology Ltd
  • CSL Infrastructure
  • WSP

Services delivered by the TMS&IS panel include:

  • vehicle-monitoring services (with the ability to apply for subsections regarding scheduled/special projects for traffic counting)
  • pedestrian-monitoring services (including surveys)
  • cycle-monitoring services
  • subject-matter expert support for innovative solutions and new technologies.

Panel start date: October 2023

Panel contract term: 9 years (3+3+3)

4. Asset Database Support & Improvement Projects (ADS&IP)

There are 8 panellists who undertake asset database support and improvement projects, up to the value of $500,000, across all of Auckland:

 There are 3 workstreams under ADS&IP Panel:

Asset data upload for new and upgraded assets 

  • Upload asset data from as-builts that have not been included as part of Road Network Asset Management, Transport Structures Professional Services or Public Transport Professional Services contracts
  • update missing, incomplete or inconsistent asset data.


  • Beca
  • WSP

 Asset database support

  • Assess, develop and implement asset data hierarchies and table structures to meet required standards
  • provide technical support for existing asset data, for example, data cleansing and lifecycle management
  • develop business processes to support effective asset information management as outlined in IIMM.


  • Beca
  • WSP
  • Asset Dynamics
  • Longsight NZ

Asset database improvement projects
Subject-matter expert support for innovative solutions can include but is not limited to:

  • proposals for innovations in asset data collection
  • proposals for data hierarchies and structures for assets that do not currently exist in the AMIS but are required by AT 
  • proposals for improvements to business processes that support the AMIS
  • proposals for technological improvements that support the issues within the AMIS.


  • Beca
  • Aurecon
  • WSP
  • Asset Dynamics
  • Arup

Panel start date: July 2023

Panel contract term: 9 years (3+3+3)

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