The clean-up continues across Auckland’s transport network as the sun comes out The clean-up continues across Auckland’s transport network as the sun comes out

Date: 1 February 2023

Work is underway across the Auckland region to clean up further damage caused across our road and public transport network overnight.

Roads and public transport services across Auckland continue to be affected by the heavy rain and strong winds experienced over the past 18 hours.

Across the rail network, buses are replacing all services on the Western Line between Britomart and Swanson due to power outage and slips and flooding on the tracks. Rail services are running to reduced timetables on the Eastern and Southern lines and flooding between Ōrākei and Glen Innes is being closely monitored to ensure it does not present a safety risk for train services.

Bus services are currently experiencing delays due to flooding and detours, including flooding which has affected two bus depots. The Northern Busway has reopened between the Smales Farm and Akoranga stations, with stop/go and speed reductions restrictions in place today. A full closure is planned overnight to allow damage to the busway surface to be repaired.

Ferry services are currently experiencing delays and late cancellations. Pine Harbour ferry services will resume today, while Gulf Harbour services remain replaced by buses.

Passengers wanting to travel on public transport services should check the AT Mobile app or AT website for the latest information on public transport services before they travel.

Across Auckland’s road network we’ve seen lower than usual traffic volumes today, with approximately 20% fewer cars on local and arterial roads compared with last Wednesday. We have over 500 members of our road maintenance crews out across the region today working to manage slips and flooding and clear roads where it’s practical and safe.

Although these teams are making good progress there are some slips which will take considerable time to safely clear, such as along Scenic Drive where there are four significant slips.

Since Friday there have been 82 road closures across the region, with access restored on the majority. There are 34 roads which are currently closed.

As of 1345 the main areas of focus for teams working to clear and reopen roads:


  • Mill Flat Road – the Bailey Bridge has arrived on site and we expect to be fully installed and operational next week. Please be patient and continue using the forestry road detour for now.
  • Wairau Rd / Porana intersection
  • Fred Thomas Drive
  • Beach Road, Browns Bay
  • Glenvar Road – needs to be fully investigated before it can be reopened. AT will be providing residents with detour maps in the meantime to make access easier.
  • Tāmaki Drive, where there have been slips and flooding
  • Fanshawe Street
  • Greenlane / Manukau Road
  • Mt Wellington
  • Gillies Ave


  • Various roads across the Awhitu Peninsula
  • Beachcroft Road


  • Te Henga Road (need to use Bethells as a detour)
  • Woodbay Road
  • Scenic Drive

We continue to urge Aucklanders to take extreme care when ravelling on the network, consider whether your travel is necessary and plan your full return journey.

To keep up to date, please visit

Auckland Transport’s advice for people travelling today
• Do not walk, drive or cycle through floodwater because it can pose a series risk to your health and safety.
• Plan ahead before you leave - check the AT Mobile app or website for public transport information and for the latest information about road closures.