Plan a Travelwise breakfast Travelwise breakfast event

  1. Aim of the Travelwise Breakfast
  2. Planning
  3. Things to try

1. Aim of the Travelwise breakfast

  • To promote travelling to school in a sustainable way
  • To reward students who already travel to school sustainably
  • To encourage others who do not already travel to school by sustainable means
  • Download the Running A Promotional Breakfast Instruction Sheet here (PDF 60 KB)

2. Planning

   Before the day

  • Decide which travel mode you wish to promote.
  • Arrange with tuck shop / food tech room for cooking hash browns. Arrange volunteers if required.
  • Design advertising posters to promote the event.
  • Promote the breakfast at assemblies etc.
  • Send sign up lists to classes so you'll know how many people to cater for. 
  • Divide Travelwise Student Leaders into roles for the day:
    • Distribution of tickets
    • Collection of tickets
    • Distribution of food
  • Design and print a voucher to give to students to redeem for their breakfast (this will be given out to students on the day).
  • Buy breakfast items e.g. juice, hash browns, plastic cups and napkins.

On the day

  • Set up food tables. 
  • Hand out vouchers to students who have travelled to school in a sustainable way.
  • Collect vouchers from students as they collect their breakfast.
  • Enjoy breakfast!

After the day

  • Collate numbers of participants from the day
  • Compare these numbers with numbers of students travelling in that mode on a normal week

3. Things to try

  • Run a breakfast for each mode of travel over the course of a year
  • Students who participate could go in to a draw for a special prize
  • To increase the mode of travel all week, run the promotion over a whole week with the breakfast being on any given day. Only the Travelwise group and staff know what day the breakfast will be on
  • Send Intermediate School registration forms home with interested students for parents to sign and bring back to school

Travelwise Breakfast


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