Auckland parking prices to change following review Auckland parking prices to change following review

Date: 21 August 2023

From 28 August new hourly rates will apply for on-street parking and parking at Auckland Transport-managed parking buildings across the region, Auckland Transport says.

The revised parking charges from next Monday are the first region-wide changes to parking charges in over a decade - since Auckland Transport was formed in November 2010.

AT’s review of parking charges comes after clear direction from Mayor Wayne Brown to review parking prices in his Letter of Expectation to AT last December.

In the letter, the Mayor stressed the importance of AT prioritising affordability and value for money, while exploring options “to increase external income and reduce reliance on rates funding”.

“One key area Auckland Transport should investigate is increasing revenue from parking. Currently Auckland Transport is undercutting market rates for parking, which is not appropriate in this environment,” the Mayor wrote in the Letter of Expectation.

AT Executive General Manager Service Delivery Andrew Allen says these changes bring parking charges more in line with public transport fares, which are reviewed annually.

“We have had strong feedback from many Aucklanders that if we are reviewing the cost of our public transport fares each year, we should be doing the same for our parking charges,” Mr Allen says.

“These changes are also consistent with Auckland Transport’s Room to Move strategy which outlines how Auckland’s management of parking can help improve the efficiency of our roads, while keeping parking options available for Aucklanders who need them.

“The extra revenue generated each year will go towards covering Auckland Transport’s operating expenses, including for running Auckland’s public transport network and continuing to deliver road safety programmes.”

How parking prices are changing from 28 August

  • The cost of on-street parking across Auckland will increase by $1 an hour. Hourly charges for parking at all AT-managed carparks will also increase by $1.
  • The weekday price cap for the Downtown Car Park will decrease from $40 to $24. This change is designed to address the low utilisation of the carpark during weekdays and is expected to increase revenue as a result.
  • Off-peak price caps for the Downtown Carpark are also changing from $10 to $15 for evening and weekend day-long parking.
  • Price caps in place at other AT parking facilities are not changing at this time.
  • Free weekend parking will be trialled at the Toka Puia carpark in Takapuna.