Apply for an authorised crossing place on a limited access road Apply for an authorised crossing place on a limited access road

If you are planning to build or change a driveway and you're on a limited access road, then you need to apply for an authorised crossing place.

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How a limited access road will affect me

If your property is on a limited access road, vehicles and stock can only access the road from an 'authorised crossing place'. Vehicle movements in and out of properties can generate conflicts with other road users. Limited access roads are created to attain maximum traffic efficiency and safety on strategic roads by controlling the number of access places and ensuring the safest access locations are authorised.

You will need to contact us if you're planning to: 

  • add a new vehicle crossing or stock crossing on a limited access road
  • change an authorised crossing place layout, or location
  • subdivide your property or alter the land use (e.g. from a residential to a commercial activity)
  • obtain an authorised crossing place to a parcel of land that had no formed access at the time the road was declared a limited access road.

To construct a vehicle crossing once you have an authorised crossing place, or if you're not on a limited access road, please use our vehicle crossing application​. For the vehicle crossing standards, please visit the vehicle crossing standards webpage.

Check if your property is on a limited access road

If your property is on a limited access road, this information will be noted on your property's certificate of title. You can also check our limited access road map below.

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If your property is on a State Highway, please refer to the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency webpage and map.

Apply for an authorised crossing place

You can apply for a new crossing place or to change an existing crossing place.

If your proposal requires subdivision consent, please apply to AT for an authorised crossing when you apply for subdivision consent with Auckland Council. Although if subdivision consent has already been lodged, please supply consent number and consent status.

Before you complete the online application form you will need:

  • consultant name (if applicable), email and phone number
  • your proposal
  • the site address
  • the legal description of the property
  • disclose any development activity (if applicable)
  • consent number (if applicable)
  • consent status (if applicable)
  • any supporting documents. E.g. site plans, property titles, technical assessments, resource consent information.

Download the application form

Complete the form and email it to DevelopmentPlanning@at.govt.nzWe aim to get back to you within two weeks.

How to write your proposal

Proposal details

State where the access is proposed to be located along the road. If the proposed access will be non-standard in some manner, such as limited movements or shared with an adjacent property, etc, include this information.

Note: a drawing will need to be attached to this application. The drawing must show the proposed access location, any other access locations within 30 metres of the proposed access (including access points on the opposite side of the road), along with sufficient property information to locate the proposed access on a map. Do not show this information on an aerial photo.


Explain why access is needed to this road.


Discuss what other options were considered for access, such as access to a different road, shared access, limited movements, etc. Explain why these alternatives were not progressed.

Safety and operation

Explain how the road would continue to operate safely and efficiently with the proposed access. Will the sight distance be adequate? Will there be conflicts with nearby access points? Does the proposed access degrade the safety of any future cycle facilities? Provide supporting information, such as summaries of discussions with internal AT teams, references to standards or other documentation, etc.  Describe any proposed mitigation measures to reduce impacts.

How we assess your proposal

We'll assess your proposal according to safety and operational impacts on the limited access road.

Our assessment criteria includes the:

  • adequacy of sight distances
  • proximity and use of nearby existing access points
  • effects of your proposal on road users
  • extent to which you've tried to obtain alternative access from another road
  • mitigation measures you propose.

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