Plan a Travelwise wheels day Wheels day event

  1. Aim of a wheels day
  2. Planning the day
  3. Activities to try
  4. Extra equipment

1. Aim of a wheels dayWheels Day

  • To promote travelling to school in a sustainable way.
  • To encourage students to travel by wheels to school.
  • To promote health and fitness.
  • To have fun.
  • To provide students with a safe environment in which to cycle, scooter, skateboard and skate with their peers.
  • Road safety skills could be taught as part of the day.

2. Planning the day

  • Consult Lead Teacher and Principal about the idea and if agreed upon decide on a date for the event to be held.
  • Plan activities / competitions to be run on the day. Always keep safety in mind.
  • Design advertising posters to promote the event.
  • Promote the wheels day at assemblies etc.
  • Sign up students for the day and events they wish to enter.

3. Activities to try

  • How slow can you go?
  • Time trials.
  • Obstacle courses – grind rails, cones, jumps, ramps, half pipes.
  • Combination relays .
  • Helmet checks.
  • Bike maintenance checks.
  • Demonstrations from professionals e.g. ‘OnBoard skate’ or ‘Bigfoot’.
  • Road Safety courses – with traffic lights, stop signs, crossings.
  • Spot prizes for students who register for the day.
  • Wheelers breakfast / lunch.
  • Inspirational talks at assembly from sports reps.
  • Saftey display.

4. Extra equipment 

  • Cones.
  • Chalk.
  • Jumps.
  • Ramps.
  • Grind rails.
  • Road signs.
  • First Aid kits.


Resources are available for both students and teachers. See resources to assist with Travelwise programme planning.


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