Make a plan to travel home early ahead of today’s heavy rain Make a plan to travel home early ahead of today’s heavy rain

Date: 31 January 2023

The transport network is operational, with remaining road closures and reduced service frequency on public transport services.

We continue to urge Aucklanders to take extreme care when travelling on the network, consider whether your travel is necessary and plan your full return journey.

With the current heavy rain warning for this afternoon and over-night, Aucklanders should make plans to travel home early to avoid this afternoon and evening’s heavy rain, Auckland Transport says.

Across the region there’s the potential for slips and floodwaters to disrupt travel and make some roads impassable. As weather closes-in, there are likely to be cancellations on the public transport network – check the AT website and AT Mobile App.

Auckland Transport Interim Chief Executive Mark Lambert says it was encouraging to see Aucklanders had heeded yesterday’s advice to stay at home today if they could.

“The severe and rapid flooding we saw on Friday shows just how important it is that people stay home and are not travelling unless necessary given the sort of weather forecast tonight,” Mr Lambert says.

“We saw lower than usual traffic volumes across our road network this morning, as well as significantly lower passenger levels on our bus, train and ferry services.

“With more people staying at home, that should help to ease pressure on the network later today, but we also want to make sure those Aucklanders who do need to travel are home safe before the worst of the rain hits.”

Auckland Transport’s advice for staying safe today

  • Stay home unless it’s necessary for you to travel.
  • Travel as early as possible to avoid the heavy rain expected this afternoon and evening; consider now your return to home plans.
  • Do not walk, drive or cycle through floodwater because it can pose a series risk to your health and safety.

Public transport situation report


  • Due to the severe weather, there have been multiple slips on Auckland’s train network. KiwiRail, the track maintainer, are working hard to carry out urgent repairs. Due to work on the tracks, train speeds are restricted, which will mean longer journey times.
  • Mt Albert underpass will remain closed for the imminent future; a pedestrian diversion with supported wayfinding will be in place for commuters from Tuesday 31 January 2023.

Eastern Line

  • From Tuesday 31 January, services will run between Manukau and Otahuhu only. Customers will need to disembark at Otahuhu and transfer to Southern Line services to the city centre.
  • Southern services will still run from Papakura to Britomart via the Eastern Line on a 40 minute frequency.
  • Due to speed restrictions on the line, journey times will significantly increase.

Western Line

  • From Tuesday 31 January, services will operate between Newmarket and New Lynn on a 40-minute frequency.
  • Due to a slip between Parnell and Newmarket buses will replace trains between Newmarket and Britomart.
  • Customers will need to change trains to travel between New Lynn and Swanson. Services will run at a 40 minute frequency and will incur a longer journey due to multiple speed restrictions along the track.
  • A rail replacement bus service will also be operating between New Lynn and Swanson as an alternative option for customers. 

Rail Network Rebuild

  • Stage 1 Rail Network Rebuild bus replacement services are still operating on the Onehunga Line and between Newmarket and Otahuhu on the Southern Line.
  • Services will continue to run to the timetable but may be impacted by road closures, flooding and increased traffic.


  • Most bus services are operating including rail replacements but due to the severe weather conditions further last-minute cancellations may occur.
  • There are currently detours in place for two bus routes – the 171 and 755 because of landslips in Titirangi and Remuera respectively 


  • There are likely to be service cancellations later today as ferry services are experiencing navigational risks and damage to vessels from debris in the waters. With predicted high winds and rain this week ahead, there will be timetable changes Tuesday and Wednesday. Further disruption is likely throughout the week as ferries reduce their speed, to allow lookouts for debris.
  • Please expect possible delays to Inner Harbour services as the ferries will be slower, to allow lookouts to spot potential debris.
  • See the AT website for the latest information about ferry timetable changes and cancellations: Long term road repairs from Auckland storms.

Road network situation report

  • There are currently 35 roads closed or partly across the Auckland region. For the latest list of road closures please see the AT website.
  • We have reopened 9 roads over the past 24 hours, and 39 roads in total since Sunday morning.
  • The following roads/issues are our current key areas of focus:
    • Great North Road (near SH16) has two lanes open for westbound traffic (away from the motorway) and one eastbound lane open. The lane reduction is not having significant impact on the network and public transport services appear to be running to schedule.
    • Scenic Drive has three significant slips (2x underslips, 1x overslip); managed access is in place for affected residents.
    • Ahuroa Road (Puhoi) remains closed because of a significant undermining of the road.
    • Mill Flat Road - the bailey bridge will be onsite today and residents still have access via the Riverhead Forest. Contractors are actively supporting to ensure the forestry road remains operational
    • Tahekeroa Road has a significant slip. Residents do have access out of the area.
    • Glenvar Road (between East Coast Bays Road and Fitzwilliam) is closed due to two slips