New under 25 fares roll out from 1 July New under 25 fares roll out from 1 July

Date: 26 June 2023

Auckland’s public transport customers aged under 25 who use a registered HOP card will get the benefit of free or half price fares from Saturday 1 July.

On 30 June, the government’s half price discount on public transport fares will end, and AT will be offering new concessions to customers who are under 25 from Saturday 1 July.

Following the government’s announcement in May on free fares for those aged 5-12 and half price fares for those aged 13-24, AT has worked quickly to implement the new fares, ensuring the complex changes to our AT HOP system are ready to give customers a seamless experience. 

AT Metro Optimisation Manager Richard Harrison says rolling out this change ahead of 1 July has been a significant focus for the organisation in recent weeks. 

“Half price fares have made a real difference to Aucklanders when they came into play in April 2022 and we are pleased to be able to continue to offer half price fares for 13-24 year olds and to introduce free fares for 5-12 year olds who travel with a registered AT HOP card. 

“We’ve spent the past few weeks preparing to implement these changes. The changes aren’t straightforward but we’re confident that come 1 July everyone using a registered AT HOP card will have a seamless transition to the new fares,” says Mr Harrison. 

“If you’ve registered your AT HOP card with your date of birth, you don’t need to do anything – just tag on like you normally do and the appropriate fare will be applied. 

“Now’s also the perfect time for young people to register their AT HOP card if they haven’t already, so that they don’t miss out on free or discounted travel from 1 July.” 

Customers can find out more about the changes at  

What’s changing on 1 July?​ 

  • Free fares for those ages 5-12 years old.​
  • Half price fares continue for those aged 13-24 years old.​
  • Half price fares end for customers 25 and over.​
  • Community Connect 50% off adult fares for customers with a Community Services Card.



How do you receive the concession?​ 

Customers aged 5-24 will need to tag on and off using a registered AT HOP card with their correct date of birth to receive free/half price fares. The AT HOP card will need to have a positive balance. ​ 

What do existing customers need to do?​ 

If you have a registered AT HOP card with the correct date of birth, the new concessions will be applied automatically from 1 July.​ 

Customers who have not yet registered their AT HOP card online, can register online at to ensure they get the best fares possible.  

What do new customers need to do?​ 

  • Buy an AT HOP card​
  • Create a MyAT account online with a date of birth between 5-24 years old and register their AT HOP Card​
  • A parent with a MyAT account can created a linked account on behalf of their child​
  • Tag on within 60 days to activate​
  • Tag on and off using their registered AT HOP card to receive free/half price fares​

What about Community Connect 50% off with a Community Services Card? 

Community Connect is a concession that gives eligible Community Service Card (CSC) holders a 50% discount off most bus, train and ferry fares. It is getting rolled out across the country as part of the Government’s $1 billion cost of living package to support low- and middle-income New Zealanders.  

In Auckland, CSC holders will need to apply for the concession via or via MSD offices.  

The discount will be live on 1 July 2023.