Variable message sign rollout Variable message sign rollout

Variable message sign showing travel time to Manukau Road, Dominion Road and SH16

Project background

We’ve installed 9 electronic message boards (also known as variable message signs) across Auckland's road network during the past 3 years. Variable message signs are electronic message boards that update the motorists with information about travel times on different routes.

To improve transportation infrastructure and event traffic management, we plan to install more signs at different locations across Auckland.


Installation date: between February and April 2024

121 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead
Download Birkenhead Avenue proposal drawing (PDF 429KB)

This electronic sign will:

  • display comparison travel times to motorists travelling to the city centre 
  • improve safety, traffic flow, and commuting by providing real-time traffic information and updates
  • give motorists live updates for travel into the city, to Onewa Road, and onto the Northern Motorway.


Installation date: between February and April 2024

726 Great South Road, Penrose
Download Great South Road proposal drawing (PDF 284KB)

Intersection of Carbine Road and South Eastern Highway
Download Carbine Road proposal drawing (PDF 294KB)

In January 2024, we proposed to install an electronic message board (variable messaging sign) at the Carbine Road and South-Eastern Highway intersection in Penrose.

The consultation letter was hand-delivered to businesses along Carbine Road and businesses nearby the intersection of South-Eastern Highway, including the identified location for the sign.

AT did not receive any feedback or response to the proposal. We are proceeding with the work as proposed.

What happens next
The proposal will now progress to the next stage of construction. We will be in touch with businesses before any construction starts.