Agencies focus on safety across the transport network these holidays Agencies focus on safety across the transport network these holidays

Date: 08 July 2024

With school holidays kicking off today, Auckland Transport (AT) along with NZ Police has increased visibility across the transport network to keep people safe as they move across Tāmaki Makaurau.

From the Northern Busway through to the south, there’s extra security present, as well as BBQs for customers popping up at a few stations throughout the holidays.

Hibiscus Coast and Albany stations will have security onsite from 8am until midnight every day, along with Transport Officer support. 

New Lynn and Henderson interchanges remain a priority with uniformed security supporting Police’s Operation Haumaru.

Operation Haumaru – meaning safe place – has seen additional resource deployed from Police, Auckland Transport, Auckland One Rail, Auckland Council, Community Patrols New Zealand, and the Tāmaki Makaurau Safety Patrol.

The operation is largely focused on the bus and train station hubs in New Lynn and Henderson and is supported by the Whau and Henderson Massey local boards.

AT’s Transport Officers will also focus on south and east locations these school holidays. Police have also endeavoured to patrol those locations more frequently.

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says Aucklanders’ must be listened to. “I’m glad AT is also taking on board people’s concerns and prioritising safety more in its operations. People deserve to feel safe while moving about Auckland and public transport is a big part of this.”

He says the move will complement the joined-up approach already in place.

“As I’ve said before, it’s a multi-faceted approach that will be the solution here. This will do well alongside our new compliance wardens and the extra police coming on our streets in a couple of weeks.”

 Stacey van der Putten, AT’s Director of Public Transport and Active Modes, says she appreciates that recent incidents at stations or on public transport have put people at unease.

“Everybody has the right to catch public transport without being subjected to this unacceptable behaviour, so we are working closely with Police to make sure the transport network is a safe place for everyone. As this is a societal issue, we need everyone’s help to ensure these public places can be safe and feel safe.”

Inspector Jason Edwards, Waitematā West Area Commander, says Police have continued to focus on increasing visibility, particularly across busy transport hubs in parts of the region.

“Police do not tolerate violent or intimidatory behaviour and we will remain visible across key transport hubs.

“These are important spaces for the public so they can go about their business and get to where they need to be. Everyone has the right to do this safely without being subjected to unacceptable behaviour.

“We share our community’s concern at some of the behaviour being exhibited by a minority of people, and we will continue to follow up on any offending that may occur.”

Police continue to work closely with partner agencies as we all work together to provide visibility and reassurance, Inspector Edwards says.

In some instances, Police are seeing young people involved in offending taking place.

“Any young person who chooses to offend should expect to be caught up with by Police and held to account,” Inspector Edwards says.

“We will continue to work with other agencies around addressing some of the complexities behind why a small proportion of young people are involved in this sort of behaviour.”

The team at Auckland Transport Operation Centre (ATOC) will provide as high of a level of surveillance as possible across the transport network these holidays.

AT encourages customers to let the organisation know about anything they witness on the public transport network.

Customers can contact AT anonymously via Crimestoppers on 4030, or via the AT website or contact centre.