Getting parents involved Getting parents involved

A Travelwise school provides and reinforces consistent, culturally considerate road safety and active transport messages to their school and community.

Involving parents

The following are ways to involve parents in helping educate students on road safety and active transport:

  • Provide parents with information to reinforce road safety and active transport messages and skills. Remind them of the zero blood alcohol limit for drivers under 20 and highlight that this is part of the school’s driving policy and driving to school consent form.
  • Inform parents of the school’s education initiatives related to alcohol and drugged driving so they can reinforce messages at home.
  • If you have a peer education group within the school (Travelwise or SADD) encourage them to consult with the wider school community when planning activities for events like SADD week.
  • Collaborate with other school programme stakeholders to complement school road safety programmes.
    • Involve Police Education Officers in alcohol and drugged driving education (e.g. Drive Qual).
    • Your local Community Transport Coordinator may have contacts for speakers available in your area to come and speak to your school or class about alcohol and drug impaired driving.
  • Encourage road safety and active transport through community events and projects. Ask your local Community Transport Coordinator about community events that your students could participate in.
  • Network and work with other Auckland schools to promote road safety and active transport. Your local Community Transport Coordinator can assist.
  • There are annual Road Safety events that all secondary schools are invited to. These are a great opportunity for students to share ideas and potentially to work together for an event.
  • Team up with another secondary school in your area so students can collaborate on planning an event or initiative.

Resources for parents

Auckland Transport has several resources available for parents wanting to ensure their children make it to school in a safe and timely manner:

  • AT HOP
    Find out about AT HOP concessions for children, secondary school and tertiary students.

  • School bus timetables
    Auckland Transport school buses are listed here by school along with their schedules.

  • Cycle and walking events
    See which Auckland cycling and walking events are coming up for you and your family to take part in.

  • Train and ferry timetables
    If your child doesn't take the school bus, view Auckland Transport's train and ferry timetables to help your children get to school.

  • Cycling
    View the cycling and walkway maps for the Auckland area, plus find out more about cycle safety.

  • Contact us
    If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, you can get in touch with Auckland Transport through our contact us page.