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Auckland Transport


Auckland Transport can make bylaws to help manage issues related to transport and public safety on the road network.

Auckland Transport bylaws 

Auckland Transport is responsible for bylaws that are necessary for the management of local roads and public transport made under the Land Transport Act 1998 (or deemed to be made under that Act) and the Local Government Act 2002 that apply to the Auckland transport system.

Auckland Council can also make bylaws that apply in Auckland. Other Road Controlling Authorities in the region also have bylaw making powers under the Land Transport Act 1998.

Traffic bylaw

Auckland Transport's Traffic Bylaw 2012 allows Auckland Transport to set requirements for parking and control of traffic on roads under the care, control, or management of Auckland Transport.

Election signs bylaw

The Election Signs Bylaw 2013 sets out provisions to regulate election signs to be displayed on specified public sites, on vehicles and on private sites.

Speed limits bylaw

The Auckland Transport Speed Limits Bylaw 2012 saves all speed limits set by previous councils in Auckland and consolidates those speed limits into a schedule.

Public safety and nuisance bylaw

Auckland Transport's Public Safety and Nuisance Bylaw controls activities on roads and public transport infrastructure.

Trading and events in public places bylaw

Proposed bylaw: submissions have now closed on the proposed trading and events in public places bylaws.

Signage bylaw

Proposed bylaw: this bylaw aims to ensure that vehicular and pedestrian safety is not compromised by poorly designed, located or maintained signage.

Legacy bylaws

Legacy bylaws were made by the former local authorities before Auckland Council and Auckland Transport were established. 

Bylaws made by the former local authorities remain in force and are administered as follows:

  • Auckland Transport - bylaws which are transport-related and apply to the Auckland transport system are deemed to have been made by Auckland Transport. These bylaws remain in force until they are confirmed, amended or revoked in accordance with the statute under which they were enacted, or were last reviewed.
  • Auckland Council - all other bylaws (including those that are transport-related but do not apply to the Auckland transport system) are deemed to have been made by the Auckland Council and will remain in force until 1 July 2015 or 31 October 2015, unless they are earlier confirmed, amended or revoked by the Auckland Council. The council is undertaking a review of these bylaws.

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