Rodney grading schedule Rodney grading schedule

Looking after our rural roads

In Rodney you will find around 650 km of unsealed roads, which need maintenance on a regular basis. We grade these roads on a program that is set between our 4 grading teams.

We also have a reactive grading team that mobilise and react if any urgent grading and repairs need to be done outside the programmed works. This team normally react if a section of unsealed road is not up for grading in the near future. They also react on either customer requests or on instruction from our internal patrols.

Prior to grading, an inspection will be conducted to determine if the road needs grading and how much material is needed. An order for materials will be placed prior to the schedule to ensure it can be graded on time.

Roads may not be graded for the following reasons.

  • Weather – if weather is not favourable conditions, grading will be postponed.
  • Condition of road – If the road is still up to standard and strength of the road is still working, we will not regrade the road – Please note if after an inspection we have rainfall that causes potholes to form on the road, we will send the emergency grader out to fix the potholes.
  • Staffing - if a large number of staff are unwell we will postpone grading.

If you want to find out when your road will be graded, you can download the maintenance grading programme (XLSX 37KB).

Tractor on a gravel road with an orange "pass with care" sign