Taking animals on public transport Taking animals on public transport

Domestic pets are welcome on-board buses, trains, and ferries. Rules vary slightly depending on the type of public transport service.

Assistance dogs are allowed to travel on all services at all times without a muzzle.

Pet travel on buses and trains

Domesticated pets must travel in an approved carrier that fits on your lap or under the seat in front of you. Dogs that do not fit in a carrier must wear a lead and cage type muzzle.

Pets are permitted on trains and buses in off-peak hours on weekdays, and all-day on weekends and public holidays. The below terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions for domestic pets on bus and train services:

    • You can travel with your pet on weekdays between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm, after 6:30pm, and all-day on weekends and public holidays.
    • All pet dogs must be wearing a cage type muzzle and lead or be travelling in an approved pet carrier.
    • Pet carriers must be small enough to fit under a seat, or on the passenger’s lap.
    • You are responsible for your pet’s mess and must ensure that any pet mess is cleaned up before exiting the bus, train and/or platform.
    • Your pet gets free travel on buses and trains.
    • You may be unable to board the bus or train with your pet if the bus is too crowded.
    • You may be refused entry or asked to leave the bus or train if your pet is likely to or is causing a safety risk or nuisance to other passengers. If this happens, you won’t be entitled to a refund.
    • Children younger than 16 years old cannot travel with pets alone unless travelling with an adult.
    • You may be asked to move if an assistance dog boards to avoid it being distracted by other pets.
    • Only one pet per customer is permitted.
    • Pets are not permitted on seats.
    • Pets are not permitted on school buses.
    • Pets are not permitted on the upper deck of buses.
    • Pet strollers are only permitted on trains, not buses. They must not impede other passengers and can only be used in the accessible carriage.
    • Pets can travel on rail replacement bus services, subject to the above terms & conditions.

Approved Carrier 1Approved Carrier 2
Suitable approved domestic pet carriers (must fit on passenger’s lap or under seat)

Unapproved pet carriersUnapproved carriers 2
Unapproved domestic pet carriers

Picture of a dog wearing a muzzle approved by Auckland Transport
Approved muzzle

Unapproved muzzle
Unapproved muzzle

Terms and conditions for domestic pets on ferry services:

Ferry Service (Operator): Terms and Conditions:
West Harbour (Belaire) No pets allowed on the West Harbour service.
Rakino (Belaire) Pets are allowed on the back deck of the vessel only.
Bayswater (Fullers) Domesticated pets are allowed on this service. There is allocated seating on the external decks for those travelling with pets. If travelling inside the cabin, pets must be kept in a suitable crate, cage, or pet carrier. Dogs travel free with any fare-paying passenger.
Birkenhead/Northcote Point (Fullers)
Devonport (Fullers)
Gulf Harbour (Fullers)
Half Moon Bay (Fullers)

Hobsonville Point/Beach Haven (Fullers)

Waiheke (Fullers)
Pine Harbour (Sealink) Pets are allowed on the back deck of the vessel only.

For further information about pets on ferry services please visit the operator of the route’s webpage.

Dogs do not require a muzzle on board ferry services, but will need an approved muzzle and a lead if travelling on a bus or train